Chandu relies on the strong performance of champion Karthik Aaryan

Chandu Champion Review {4.0/5} and Review Rating

Star Cast: Karthik Aryan, Vijay Raj, Bhuvan Arora

Director: Kabir Khan

Chandu Champion Movie Synopsis:
Chandu Champion This is the story of a man who refused to surrender. The year is 1952. A young Muralikant Petkar (Karthik Aryan) lives in Islampur, Maharashtra with his father, mother and brother Jagannath. Murali and Jagannath witness KD Jadhav, the first Indian to win an Olympic medal, was received with great fanfare and love at the Karad railway station. Muralikant decided that he would also win the Olympics. His schoolmates make fun of him for his dream. They call him ‘Chandu Champion’ to make fun of him. Muralikant joins Ganpat Kaka’s (Ganesh Yadav) Akhara. Muralikant is a keen observer and learns many techniques by observing other wrestlers’ matches. Hoping that Dagdu will win and make the Sardar proud, Ganapat sends him to play with Dagdu, the son of the local Sardar Nanasaheb Patil. However, Muralikant defeats Dagdu soundly. All hell breaks loose and flees to Murlikan. He boards a train where he meets Gurnel Singh (Bhuvan Arora). When Muralikant told him about his dream of winning an Olympic medal, Garnell suggested that he join the army. As luck would have it, Muralikant gets shortlisted and joins the armed forces. He also begins training in boxing under Tiger AliVijay Raj, everything is going well until one day his life turns upside down while fighting in the 1965 war in Kashmir. What happens next sets up the rest of the film.

Chandu Champion Movie Story Review:
Kabir Khan, the story of Sumit Arora and Sudipto Sarkar is inspiring. It is based on the life of a person that not many people know about and that works in favor of the makers. The screenplay by Kabir Khan, Sumit Arora and Sudipto Sarkar is captivating and filled with some dramatic and emotional moments. However, it also leaves a lot to be desired. Kabir Khan, Sumit Arora and Sudipto Sarkar’s dialogues are average and some one-liners are memorable.

Kabir Khan’s direction has its merits. The plot moves between events in 2017 and events from 1952 to 1972 and the transition is very smooth. This is especially true in the second half. He does not let the film down and ensures that the film has mainstream appeal. Muralikant defeating Dagdu, Muralikant’s first meeting with Tiger Ali, Muralikant struggling to eat with a fork are some of the scenes that stand out. The intermission point looks like it was shot in one take and adds to the tension. After the interval, the matka sequence is memorable and Muralikant’s monologue before the members of the Indian Olympic Association. The ending is watchable and Murali imagining the important moments of his life is a novel idea.

Chandu Champion | Official Trailer | Karthik Aryan Sajid Nadiadwala | Kabir Khan

The finale, on the other hand, can be a nail-biter. A semi-final match has more moments than a climax. Also, a lot of sports movies have been closed of late and that also has an effect. Secondly, Muralikant should have portrayed the reason for filing a case against the President of India rather than describing it verbally. So, the result would have been more. And finally Muralikant’s family gets a raw deal. Muralikant runs away to Poona, and never informs his parents or brother that he is safe. He doesn’t even care if they’re okay, especially when their lives are at stake. It is also surprising that his family had no idea that he had reached the finals in the Olympics. They get information about it only through radio. Due to this aspect, no one is too impressed by Muralikant’s brother’s scene when he tells the former that he cannot take care of him.

Chandu Champion Movie Screening:
Karthik Aaryan gets into the skin of the character and delivers an excellent performance. It’s unlike anything he’s done before and proves again that he’s a powerhouse of talent. He shines in difficult scenes but watch out for him in scenes where he is an old man. His transformation will amaze the audience. Vijay Raj ably supported. He contributes a lot to the character with his acting. Bhuvan Arora is reliable. Bhagyashree Borse (Nayantara) is beautiful in a cameo and her screen presence is captivating. Rajpal Yadav (Pushkaraj) is charming and contributes to the laugh portion of the film. Registered by Ganesh Yadav. Actors Yashpal Sharma (Uttam Singh) and Rajaram Petkar, who play Muralikant’s mother, Jagannath, Dagdu, Nansaheb Patil and Muralikant’s son, are fair. Ayan Khan deserves a special mention for his role as Tarun Muralikant. Shreyas Talpade (Sachin Kamble) is the surprise of the film and is very entertaining. Sonali Kulkarni is very good.

Chandu Champion Music and Other Technical Aspects:
Pritam’s music is disappointing. ,Satyanas‘ is the only memorable song. of the hook lineYou are a champion‘It’s fascinating. ,Surf‘ and other songs don’t leave an impression. Julius Packiam’s background score is well engrossing.

Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is first rate and gives the film a lot of appeal. Rajnish Hedao’s production design is first class. Rohit Chaturvedi’s costumes are realistic. Amar Shetty’s acting is genuine and not too fair. Rob Miller’s sportsmanship is commendable. The VFX by Red Chillies.VFX and Do It Creative is top class. Nitin Baid’s editing is slick.

Chandu Champion Movie Conclusion:
Overall, Chandu Champion relies on Karthik Aaryan’s strong performance and some powerful moments. At the box office, it will receive appreciation and positive word of mouth from the target urban audience, while in the mass circuit, it will face some hurdles. It has a chance to succeed and survive if the target urban audience gives it a thumbs up.

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