“It’s a natural process that everyone goes through.”

Fardeen Khan shared this photo. (Etiquette: Fardinfakhan,

Actor Fardeen Khan In a recent interview, he opened up about his ordeal with depression pink The actor said, “It’s a natural process that everyone goes through. We have to protect ourselves from wanting to be happy all the time. If things are depressing you, that’s a signal for you to think about something. There’s something you’re not aligned with, There’s something out of sync.” The actor added, “Sometimes you get depressed, you don’t feel positive, things don’t have meaning or purpose but in my experience you find yourself. I think the treasure is in that deep dark cave. The constant cycle of death and resurrection.”

During the interview, the actor continued, “Of course, some days are tough. I go into a shell sometimes. I just like to sit and think about things. People who know me sometimes say I overthink but when I’m down, I just kind of sit. And I Take a few days to figure out exactly why it feels that way, once I find it normal it’s a lot less challenging.

“Nothing is meant to be easy, and in that process you find what it means to you. You improve your own skills. You interact with the market at the time. It helps you become better at what you do, how you understand, you Are you doing the right kind of work, are you changing your mindset, do you need to learn a little more, master your skills or whatever,” Pinkvilla quoted the actor as saying.

Fardeen Khan Debuted in Bollywood in 1998 Prem Agganafter which he acted in such films Jansheen, for love, for love you’ll do anything, listen to what you’ve done. And DarlingHe is known for his comic roles in films like No Entry and Hey Baby, to name a few. Fardeen Khan also appeared in the 2010 film The bridegroom was found, in which he starred opposite Sushmita Sen. Recently he played the role of Wali Bin Zayed-Al Mohammed in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Hiramandi,

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