Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram’s Honeymoon Diaries from Kanha National Park

Randeep Hooda And Lin Laishram

Randeep Hooda has shared this photo. (Etiquette: Randeeptva,

Randeep Hooda’s weekend plans are sorted. On Saturday, the actor shared a video from his “wild weekend” adventure with his wife, the actress Lynn Laishram, in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. The montage includes pictures and clips from their romantic getaway. In the opening frame, Lin Laishram is taking a selfie while Randeep hugs her lovingly. Moments later, the video shows the couple having fun in a pool. Subsequent scenes feature wildlife encounters with elephants, tigers and monkeys during their open jeep safari. Towards the end, the lovebirds are seen enjoying a folk dance. In his caption, Randeep Hooda wrote, “It’s going to be a wild weekend!! Honeymoon Diary: Martian jungle,

Earlier Randeep Hooda had posted another video of the same trip. Check it out below:

Randeep Hooda leaves no chance to talk about Lin Laishram. The actor also shared an insight about his wife during the trailer launch event of his latest film. Independent Veer Savarkar, mentioned that Lynn had known Laishram for a long time before they started living together during the lockdown. Reflecting on their first meeting during a play, Randeep said, “She was there. A lot of people would come and help us and she got in because of the enthusiastic students and stuff like that. So she’s also an actress. She’s been in a lot of films and I think that’s what it’s like for her. There are less roles so we met there and our relationship is stronger than that.

Randeep Hooda and Lin Laisharam got married in November last year in Manipur. Ahead of the big day, Randeep expressed his excitement About Traditional Manipuri Wedding. In conversation with ANI, the actor shared, “Feeling great. I thought it was only respectful to get married in the bride’s tradition. Although I have heard that in a love marriage the groom has to sit for a long time. So, that’s something but I look forward to the ceremonies and traditions. I want to experience the culture of my life partner. That’s why I’m here.”

“I hope I don’t make any mistakes. And we have been talking about their culture, Manipuri culture and all that for a long time. I’m really looking forward to it and hope everything goes well. I am praying for our happy future and lots of children and lots of abundance. Yes, it meets East meets West. It is like a traditional or cultural exchange,” added Randeep Hooda.

After the couple’s wedding, a star-studded reception was held in Mumbai. Click here To see pictures from the reception.

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