Shah Rukh Khan was the first choice for Anil Kapoor’s hero

Shah Rukh Khan Was The First Choice For Anil Kapoor

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do you know Shah Rukh Khan was changed by Anil Kapoor In his 2001 cult-classic the heronot only that but the youth The star also took one rupee as signing amount the hero Director S. Shankar. FYI: the hero It is a Hindi remake of Shankar’s 1999 Tamil language film confusionwhile the hero While not doing well at the box office, the film received a lot of love after its premiere on TV. Now Shah Rukh Khan’s old interview with Rediff is doing the rounds on the internet. The superstar spoke candidly about why he didn’t do the film after taking the signing amount. A Indian Express Report cited Shah Rukh Saying, “Did he (Shankar) also tell you that I signed for him and took the signing amount? How much do you know? one rupee I took one rupee from him. And told him that I would give him plenty of dates whenever he wanted.”

In this interview Dr. Shah Rukh Khan He admitted that he had seen the original Tamil version and “liked it”, but thought the concept would not work “in North India”. He added, “But I wasn’t very happy doing the Hindi version. I told Shankar that in Tamil, the entire Chief Minister for a day did brilliantly, but I didn’t think it was such a big issue in North India. I didn’t think the concept would work the way it did. So, on that project, we had some problems – nothing major, just that we didn’t think alike on some things, so it didn’t make sense to do it.”

The superstar added, “But I have that signing amount; He still has the promise of my dates. He’s a guy I definitely want to work with. To me, he’s like James Cameron – you know, he’s massively entertaining and that kind of thing can be very high.

Earlier, a source said Pinkvilla That the hero 2 is being prepared. The source said,the hero 2 will be produced by Siddharth (Anand) and Mamta Anand under their banner, Marflix Pictures. Like the original, the film is also a commercial entertainer with a political backdrop and will be directed by Milan Luthria. The makers have hatched a plot that organically leads to itself the hero There’s a strong undercurrent of being a sequel and a vigilante flick.”

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in Rajkumar Hirani’s film Donkeywhich hit the theaters in December last year.

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