The Great Indian Kapil Show: Meet the new guests

The Great Indian Kapil Show: Meet New Guests - Badshah, Karan Aujla And Divine

A glimpse from the trailer. (Etiquette: Netflix India,

New Delhi:

This week’s episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show There will be a musical masterpiece. The guest list includes rapper Karan Aujla, Badshah and Divya. To give fans a glimpse of the upcoming episode, the makers released a promo on Instagram. The clip begins with comedian Rajeev Thakur leading the trio on stage, after which Kapil Sharma welcomes the stars. In his signature playful manner, Kapil asked Karan Auj, “In the music video of the song, Shaikh has acted with a real tiger. Aren’t you scared? (In the song’s music video Sheikh, you have worked with a real tiger. Aren’t you scared?)” to which Karan replies to Auj, “Then I felt ready to run. (I was scared, but I was ready to run if needed.)” Kapil then jokingly replies, “Do you really think you can control his future? (Did you think you could outrun that?)”

Video continues Kapil Sharma Joking about Devine’s rap titles. he says,Check out Divine’s rap, Remand, Punya Paap, Karina, Galli Gang and many more unique titles. Which Tihar prison have you kept your author from? (Divya has some unique titles for his rap songs viz Remand, Puny Sin, Criminal, And Alley gang, have you kept the writer from Tihar Jail?)” After a few moments, Kapil asked the trio about the strange places fans have asked for pictures. The king quickly replies, “We are fed milk. (In the bathroom).” Karan shares a similar experience with Auj, recalling when someone requested, “Bhaji Selfie (Brother Selfie).”

Kapil Sharma then asks playfully the emperor If Aditya consulted the rapper’s union before changing his name from Prateek Singh Sisodia to Badshah. In his signature, the Emperor replied, “Bhaji, ab to hum hi rapper union hain. (Bro, now I’m a rapper union.)

The video ends with Sunil Grover playing wrestler The Great Khali. Everyone started laughing when he came but Sunil said, “No, not yet. Abhi was not a joke. (No, don’t laugh now. I haven’t joked yet.)

The text attached to the video reads “Leave work 25 or 50 subs, because this Saturday the rap industry’s Kohinoor Badshah, Dalvi and Karan Aujla are coming to set the stage on fire. (Whether it’s 25 or 50 tasks, drop them all, because this Saturday the gems of the rap industry Badshah, Dalvi and Karan Aujla are coming to set the stage on fire.}”

Watch the video below:

The Great Indian Kapil ShowThe episode will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, June 15 at 8 p.m.

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