A look at Vijay Verma’s birthday celebrations. Bonus

A Look At Vijay Varma

Vijay Verma shared this photo. (Etiquette: Vijayvarma,

New Delhi:

Vijay Verma celebrated his birthday on March 29. shared a gratitude note for fans on his Instagram feed. Vijay shared a picture of himself surrounded by a bunch of flowers and fan notes. Showing a victory sign to the camera, Vijay Verma wrote in the caption, “Im having the best April Fool (written in Hindi) day. Thanks for all the beautiful birthday flowers, notes and fan cards.” Vijay Varma’s girlfriend Tamannaah, who did not post anything on social media to wish the birthday boy, wrote in the comments section, “Bloody brilliant.” See here:

Tamannaah and Vijay were seen on a dinner date on the eve of Vijay Varma’s birthday. While Vijay donned a colorful outfit, Tamannaah slipped into a blue dress. They were all smiling for the camera.

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Tamannaah and Vijay Verma got together in London in 2024. Sharing a vlog that captures their distinct mood, Tamannaah wrote in the caption, “Vlog – we log.” See here:

Vijay Verma also shared moments from his London diary. See here:

Vijay Verma and Tamannaah Started dating last year. They sparked dating rumors a few years ago when they were spotted at a New Year’s Eve party. Their off-screen romance blossomed while shooting Sujoy Ghosh’s short film Sex With The Ex for a Netflix anthology. “I am blissfully and madly in love with her,” Vijay Varma told GQ magazine about dating Tamannaah.

About Vijay Varma, Tamannaah told Film Companion, “He is someone I care deeply about. He is my happy place.” Tamannaah said, “He (Vijay Varma) is someone I bonded with very organically. He’s someone who came to me with all his guards down, so it was really easy for me to let all my guards down.”

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