Diljit Dosanjh became the ‘Elvis Presley’ of Punjab

Amar Singh Chamkila Trailer: Diljit Dosanjh Turns Into

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New Delhi:

Imtiaz Ali’s most awaited film Amar Singh Chamkila, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra, released its trailer on Thursday. The recently released trailer gives a glimpse of the passionate story of legendary Punjabi singer Amar Singh Chamkila. Set against the vibrant backdrop of 1980s Punjab, the trailer immerses viewers in the life of Chamkila, who rose from obscurity to become Punjab’s “biggest record selling artist”. Diljit shines in the lead role portraying Punjab’s Chamkila aka Elvis Presley as a charming and determined individual who remains steadfast in his passion for music despite fierce opposition and threats to his life.

His depiction tries to capture the essence flashyUnwavering commitment to his art even in the face of adversity. Parineeti Amarjot, impressive as Chamkila’s supportive wife, adds depth and emotion to the story. As the trailer unfolds, the audience gets drawn into the mysterious mystery surrounding it. flashy And Amarjot’s tragic fate, as he was tragically shot by unknown assailants in 1988, leaving behind an unsolved mystery that continues to intrigue to this day. Watch the trailer here:

In an interview with indianexpress.com, Imtiaz Ali said that the film is a love story between Chamkila and her music album. He said, “I think this film or Chamkila’s life is kind of a love story between Chamkila and music. Here is a man who was once so terrified by the warnings he received that he actually broke down and cried and was afraid he was going to be killed. Since then, years later, he chose to sing anyway, knowing full well that he could be killed if he continued to sing it in live performance.”

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