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Saiee Manjrekar On Dabangg 3 Co-Star Salman Khan: 'I Will Always Be Thankful To Him'

Image was shared on X. (courtesy: ibeingPramodSG)

Actor Saiee Manjrekar, who also happens to be actor-director Mahesh Manjrekar’s daughter, opened up about debuting in the mega franchise Dabangg 3 opposite Salman Khan and whether it cast a shadow on her recognition. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Saiee said, “No one ever came to watch Dabangg 3 for me. It was a Salman Khan film that I got to be a part of. There’s nothing better than that for a new comer. The amount of recognition it got me would have taken me years to build that up.”

The actor, who recently starred in Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay, also revealed that she makes sure to call and inform Salman Khan about the projects she has signed.”I feel it would be unfair to not tell him. He has given me this opportunity and if I’m getting work, I will always be thankful to him,” the actor stated.

Talking about Salman Khan further, she called him and her dad her “protective figures”. She said, “because entering the industry at such a young age, “a safety net was so important to feel secure. I can’t imagine how it must be for people who come in on their own. That so scary.”

Saiee recently starred in the Bollywood film Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay after three years of Dabangg 3. She was also part of films down south including Ghani, Major (both 2022) and Skanda (2023). Her next is Auron Mein Kaha Dum Tha. Saiee made her debut in 2019 inn Dabangg 3.