Imran Khan And Girlfriend Lekha Washington Rent Karan Johar’s Mumbai Apartment: Report

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After being spotted here together Aamir Khan’Actor Imran Khan and Lekha Washington were rumored to be dating at daughter Ira Khan’s wedding. Recent update from Money Control Claims that the couple has now rented an apartment together in Bandra, Mumbai from filmmaker Karan Johar. According to the report, “Actor Imran Khan and his girlfriend Lekha Washington have bought a house in Mumbai on rent of Rs 9 lakh per month. The couple had taken an apartment in Bandra on lease from Bollywood director Karan Johar. The report also mentions that the apartment is near the sea, adjacent to a building where Imran’s uncle, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, once rented an apartment. The celebrity couple will now live in a three-storey apartment on posh Carter Road in Clayfepet. The rental agreement was officially registered on March 20, 2024 and is valid for three years, the report cited real estate database platform Zapkey as its source.

A few days ago, Imran Khan Confirmed his relationship During a conversation with Lekha Washington Fashion, the actor said, “The speculation about my affair with Lekha Washington is true. I am divorced and separated since February 2019.”

Imran Khan added, “This is the story of the housebreaking of the article, which irks me because it not only misogynists but also removes my agency as a person.”

Talking about their relationship, Imran Khan also mentioned, “Lekha and I grew closer during the lockdown, a year and a half after her separation from Avantika and almost a year after she separated from her partner, not her husband. was widely reported.”

Imran Khan married Avantika Malik Khan in 2011. They welcomed their daughter Imra in 2014. Imran and Avantika separated in 2019.

Rumors of Imran Khan dating Lekha Washington started when he attended his cousin and Aamir Khan’s daughter. Ira Khan’s wedding celebration With the article. The pair was captured together in various pictures. Actor-director Danish Hussain has also shared pictures of himself looking stylish at various functions. In a picture from Nupur Shikhar and Ira Khan’s “White Wedding”, Lekha looked stunning in a red dress, while Imran looked sharp in a suit. There were more pictures of the duo with other guests at the event.

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Imran Khan is known for his work in films like these Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, I Hate Love Stories, After Break, And Delhi Bellyon the other hand, Lekha Washington has appeared in Tamil and Telugu films such as Jayamkondan, Vedam, Kamina, And Kalyan Samyal Sadham,

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