Kiran Rao had a lot of fun with her son Azad during the “Holi Weekend”.

ICYMI: Kiran Rao Had This Much Fun During

Kiran Rao has shared this photo. (Etiquette: rudeness,

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Drop whatever you’re doing and check Kiran RaoInstagram for a peek at her fun “holiday” weekend retreat. The filmmaker celebrated the festival of colors with her son Azad and her friends Kaveri Mehrotra and Prakash Ahuja. Kiran shared a delightful collection of photos and videos from the mountain getaway, starting with a face-smeared snapshot of herself and Azad. In the clip, Azad is seen diving into the pool and engaging in games with his friends. We can also see Kiran and Kaveri having fun in the pool and Prakash doing a headstand. In the caption, Kiran Rao wrote, “So this Holi weekend we’ve got summer in full swing, in bloom (of magnificent erythrina/coral trees and kereya/aquarium trees) – under a spectacular fiery moon…”

Actress Nitanshi Goyal, who was a part of Kiran Rao’s latest film Laapataaa ladiesHe was one of the first to comment on the post with some blue heart emojis.

Last month, Kiran Rao revealed how her ex-husband is Aamir Khan Ravi Kishan was to play the role of Inspector Manohar dear ladies In conversation with Bollywood bubbleKiran revealed, “He (Aamir Khan) wanted to play Inspector, Ravi Kishan. And you know he would have been great. To be honest, it would have made a huge difference to the box office and everything else. So in many ways I am being asked, ‘ADidn’t you take Aamir Khan? (You didn’t cast Aamir Khan)?’ So it’s true.”

Explaining the reason for not choosing Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao added, “Honestly it was a bit of a dilemma, because you know he’s a great actor. He’s a superstar, so he used to put bums on seats, as they say. I felt like you know that him being a big superstar would have changed your perception or expectation from Norm. Actually, the beauty of the character is his unpredictability, you never know what he’s going to do next. And somewhere subconsciously with Aamir, the kind of star he is, I would have felt some pressure on the character. Also, Ravi Kishan is such an organic fit. He is very good with his puns. He knows those people. He’s very real in that space.”

It was also co-produced by Aamir Khan, in case you didn’t know Laapataaa ladies,

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan got married in 2005. The duo welcomed their son Azad in 2011. Both separated in 2021.

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