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Film producer Anurag Kashyap Saturday clarified that “newbies” shouldn’t “text or DM or call” him. In an elaborate note on Instagram, he wrote, “I wasted a lot of time trying to help newbies and mostly ended up with generic sh*t. So I no longer want to waste my time meeting random people who think they are creative geniuses. So I will have rates now. If anyone wants to meet me for 10-15 minutes, I will take Rs 1 lakh. For half an hour – 2 lakhs, and for 1 hour – 5 lakhs. That’s the rate. I am tired of wasting time meeting people. If you think you can afford it, call me or stay away. And all paid in advance.” The caption attached to the note reads, “And I mean it. Don’t text or DM or call me. Pay and you get time. I’m not a charity and I’m tired of people watching. For shortcuts. Responding to the post, Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia said, “Forwarding this to everyone in my DMs and emails who are sending me the script to forward to you.” Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur added, “Honestly Anurag…I often feel the same way!” Actress Sunny Leone said, “Amen.”

Producer Somen Mishra re-shared Anurag Kashyap’s post on Stories and said, “Totally with Anurag Kashyap here. It’s just too exhausting. And people call/message anywhere/anytime. It’s 2 amsunday, It is 2 o’clock tomorrow night Someone did WhatsApp. And if you don’t answer…Father Ray A sense of entitlement. You are a bad person because you are in a certain place. A little googling will give our mail id on our site, my insta(gram) profile, linkedin profile. Then those who mail want an immediate reply. Otherwise they will call/message. oops brother Everywhere there is a small team that does everything. We all read, it takes time. And then another round if that doesn’t work for you. And they are mean/disrespectful to my team. Will not talk to them because they are inferior. I just have to respond. The meaning of this story is that the brother will not eat it. And anyone who has worked with us can tell you how we work/behave/our notes. Ask any writer/director/anyone.”

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