Ranbir Kapoor reveals he gave wife Alia Bhatt’s sisters a “modest amount” for their shoe-stealing ceremony

Ranbir Kapoor Reveals He Paid A

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Mumbai (Maharashtra):

Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma launched his latest comedy show. The Great Indian Kapil Show, on Saturday. The episode featured members of the Kapoor family – Neetu, Ranbir and his sister Riddhima.

During the show, they discussed Ranbir and Alia’s marriage animals An actor narrating a humorous story of the ceremony’s ‘shoe stealing’ ritual.

While talks of Ranbir and Alia Bhatt’s marriage were on, Sharma asked Ranbir about the rumors of him paying a huge amount during the ‘juta chuppai’ ceremony. Ranbir refuted the rumours, saying that he only paid a modest amount.

Neetu Kapoor added that he offered some cash. Ranbir then told how Alia’s sister initially requested a hefty amount, but they brought it down to two thousand.

Archana Pooran Singh expressed surprise at the modest amount, saying, “Thousands. So little.” To which Ranbir replied, “Yes. The wedding took place at home. The shoes will still be at home. Take them if you want.” Then everyone laughed together.

During the conversation, Ranbir also shared anecdotes from his life, including the first and only time he got from his father, late actor Rishi Kapoor. He recalled the Diwali Puja at RK Studios when he was around 8 or 9 years old and accidentally wearing shoes inside the temple, which led to him being scolded.

After five years of dating, Ranbir and Alia tied the knot on 14 April 2022 in an intimate wedding ceremony held at Vastu, the former’s residence in Bandra. The couple welcomed their first child in November of the same year.

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