Sara Ali Khan paps distributing sweets outside the temple

Sara Ali Khan was seen distributing sweets outside the temple

Sara Ali Khan has been in the limelight for her recent OTT release, Happy killing And This country is my country. On Saturday, the actress was spotted at the Shani Temple in Juhu, Mumbai. After praying in the temple, she was seen distributing sweets to the needy sitting outside the temple. However, when the paparazzi captured her on video distributing the sweets, she looked unhappy about it and said, “Please mate. I became a daughter of your people. Please read on. (Please, don’t. I’m tired of begging you all. Please don’t.)” After a while, she got into her car and drove away from the scene.

Sara Ali Khan is not always upset with the paparazzi. Usually, she greets them with the signature “Namaste”. In 2021 she even Apologizes for her bodyguard’s actions When he punched Pap during an event. In a video shared by Instant Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan can be seen asking her security team about the paparazzo they pushed after the fight. ,where are you going where are you who dumped you (Where is he? Who did you push down?), she asks worriedly in front of the paparazzi as she walks to her car after the event.

Some people in the crowd say, “No one fell down,” while others refer to someone who was pushed. Sara Ali Khan Responds quickly,No, Josko giri tha wo chal gaye (No, the one who fell down is already gone), and turns to the other photographers and says, “Please say sorrythank you,” apologized.

As she opened the gate of her car, she scolded her guard, “AYou don’t do this. Don’t push me, no one will talk. (Don’t do it. Don’t push anyone, it’s okay)” and says “I’m sorry” again and apologizes again to all the paps who attended the event.

Sara Ali Khan will soon be seen in it In Metro…DinoWhere she will be sharing screen space with Aditya Roy Kapur.

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