Step into Ekta Kapoor’s world of betrayal and deceit

Love Sex Aur Dhoka 2 Teaser: Step Into Ektaa Kapoor

From a still Love sex and cheating 2 Teaser (courtesy: Balajimotion pictures ,

Teaser of Love sex and cheating 2 is finally out. The sequel will release 14 years after its first installment. The more than 2-minute video, dubbed “Dose 1”, begins with a warning “For adults only”. In the beginning, we see a character named Noor examining himself in the mirror. Soon after that, she is seen dancing in a reality show called Noor Fast and dance With a partner, and they both share a long kiss. The show is hosted by Mouni Roy, while Anu Kapoor sits on the judge’s chair. Next, we see a group of people engaged in a verbal showdown. Seconds later, the police find an injured woman who seems to have secrets of her own. Later, a man is seen smoking a cigarette after making out with an injured woman. In the shot below, a teenage boy looks confused as his MMS goes viral. later, Urfi Javed Pose with the same young boy. Sharing the video on Instagram, Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures wrote, “Easy to swallow, hard to resist….LSDFirst dose of 2.”

Ahead of the teaser release, the makers of the film have shared a featured video Dibakar Banerjee on sunday “If you’re not an adult, don’t watch,” says Dibakar, sitting in a dimly lit room. LSD 2 Teaser or trailer is the story of teenagers and kids, but teenagers and kids can’t watch it anymore. If adults are coming to the movie with their families, talk to them first. And, if you have family you can’t talk to, don’t come with your family. Come with yourself, come with friends, come with girlfriend, come with boyfriend, come with office people. But, think before you come with family. And, please watch it with discretion.”

The filmmaker added: “Making LSD And it is not possible to show the truth. So, in the making LSD 2, we portrayed that truth, an authentic picture of the life we ​​see around us. But, nowadays, instead of believing the truth, it is more fashionable to ignore the truth. So, if you’re into that fashion, I can give you a disclaimer that you don’t watch LSD 2 Teaser or trailer.

The video was shared with the caption: “This is a warning about the content of our next video LSD2though a look at today’s generation, unfortunately, to keep the film’s authenticity intact, some shots may shock and revolt the audience. LSD 2 Will be dark and delicious! Like every uncomfortable truth, it’s a bitter pill to swallow!”

Love sex and cheating 2 It will hit the big screen on April 19.

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