A very young Madhavan in Mini Mathur’s viral-worthy Toll Mol Ke Bol photos

A Very Young Madhavan In Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur has shared these pictures. (Etiquette: Minimthur,

New Delhi:

Actress Mini Mathur recently took a trip down memory lane and shared a series of photos on social media from her debut as a TV host on a game show. Talk about balance, featuring Madhavan in a nostalgic post. In the picture, Mini Mathur and her co-host R Madhavan are seen shooting for the show. Mini is seen wearing a saree, while R Madhavan is seen wearing a maroon kurta. Reflecting on her journey, Mini recalls how she landed the hosting role. She was fresh out of MBA school while working part-time as a model.

Captioning the post on Instagram, Mini Mathur wrote, “January 1995. My first day on TV sets as a TV host. And the story goes like this. I was a fresh off-the-boat MBA working with J Walter Thompson. I used to model part-time those days. And Doordarshan had just spun off Zee TV, India’s first satellite channel.The now legendary Sanjay K Roy called me to audition for India’s first game show – Tol Mol Ke Bol.

Mini Mathur added, “The first season was made Rituraj K Singh(RIP) very popular and he was going to movies. They needed a new host and here I was.. in my lame office salwar kameez and pursed hair. I didn’t think I’d be selected and I had that “fresh graduate” confidence so I didn’t panic at all. But from the moment he said action, I felt relieved. The camera was my friend, it never scared me. I could chat with him, not talk over it. I was at home.” Rituraj K Singh His work on the show brought him fame Talk about balancedied of a heart attack on February 20 this year.

“My co-host was going to be this new, cute boy from Jamshedpur Madhavan (we all know how that story went) and we traveled to India together and had people guess the correct price of items to win them. The most popular round was when the contestants in each episode I had to estimate the price of the sari I was wearing, my look was what the sponsor had given me for that week and my young happy skin needed no makeup.

Revealing about the show, Mini Mathur wrote, “TMKB was a great learning ground… I learned how to change my voice, handle fans and compliments, catch my light, and get my first autograph. Sanjay and Mohit There are great foodies so we shot in every city, they took us to the best local restaurants.. So I quit advertising and became a full-time TV host and I have some mad stories!

On the professional front, Mini Mathur has appeared in several shows and films Mind the Malhotras, Dil Will Pyaar Vyar, Living Room Narrator, Khawish, Yeh Veda Dil And Me, me and the main others.

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