Aayush Sharma Movie Weekend 1 Report Card

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Box office numbers for Ruslan There was a slight increase on the first Sunday. On the third day, the Aayush Sharma-titled film collected ₹0.79 crore. Sacknilk The report states that so far, the Karan Butani-directed film has collected ₹2.09 crore. Ruslan It tells the story of a dead terrorist’s son who wants to save the country and become a true patriot. The film also stars Ms. Mishra, Vidya Malvade, Sange Tcheltrim, Jagpati Babu and Manish Gaharwar in important roles. Released on April 26, Ruslan KK Radhamohan has supported.

next to Ruslanpublication of, Ayush Sharma posted a video on Instagram to show off his significant physical transformation for the film. Apart from a montage of his intense gym workouts, the actor shared, “This happens when the director says we shoot a bare body fight in 25 days. It should be in Azerbaijan and we shoot in -6 degrees. Abs that are truly cinematically important are the muscles that can quickly betray you. It takes time to come and a little observation and your stomach pops back out. Although it is not healthy to constantly be in 6 pack condition, I do my best to stay in shape. Contrary to popular opinion, it is neither healthy nor advisable to maintain shoot position throughout the year.”

Ayush Sharma added, “Unfortunately due to a shoulder injury, I started to take my workouts easy and couldn’t give my best. As the body adjusted to the diet I started eating a lot of home cooked food to shake things up. But when Karan narrated the action sequences, I was thrilled and excited, I knew it was going to be the best and most challenging sequence. Ruslan. Not just for me, but for the entire crew. Freezing weather and arbitrary shoot location. But whole Ruslan The team was excited to shoot this sequence.”

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in one ndtv reviewFilm critic Saibal Chatterjee wrote, “Ruslan In a way, it is both a reaction to and an extension of the flurry of propaganda films Bollywood has produced of late to support turbo-charged nationalist fervor, denigrating communities that have been singled out for outright othering and furthering selective histories. specific ideology.

“It’s a reaction because the hero is a Muslim boy who outshines all the pop patriots, contemporary as well as historical, that Hindi films have hit the big screen in recent years. But Aayush Sharma is not Akshay Kumar. He is not Vidyut Jamwal either. Their heroism is hollow because they run on an idea that leads to death,” added Saibal Chatterjee.

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