Actor Kamal Sadna on family tragedy

Actor Kamal Sadanah On Family Tragedy - Father Killed Mother, Sister. He Was Also Shot

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Veteran actor Kamal is known for his work in films like Sadanah BekhudiSalute to Bali UmarAnd Coal. Now, the star has opened up about the harrowing incident in which his father, Brij Sadanah, killed his sister, Namrata and their mother, Saeeda Khan, before committing suicide. In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Kamal revealed that he was also shot during the incident. “It is very traumatic,” he said. To see your family murdered in front of your eyes is… I was shot too. A bullet went through one side of my neck and came out the other. I’m hanging in there. And there is no reason. I have no logical reason to live. It almost (if) the bullet hit every nerve and came out the other side. And I lived without any problems. No physical problems.

Kamal Sadan also spoke about how his mother and sister had to be admitted to the hospital bleeding after being shot. “I had to take my mother and my sister to the hospital when they were bleeding,” he recalls. And at that time I didn’t know that I was shot too. (I didn’t know then that I was shot too). The doctor said, ‘Why is there so much blood on your shirt?’ (The doctor asked, ‘Why is there so much blood on your shirt?’) I said, ‘No, it must be my mother’s or sister’s. He said, ‘No, you’ve been shot. We don’t have enough room here. You have to go to another hospital.’ I was like, ‘No, you just keep my mom and sister alive. And I was trying to check my father what he was going to do at that time.” Later, the actor explained how his friend Abis took him to another hospital.

Talking about how it all happened on his birthday (October 21). Kamal Sadana: shared, “I had to have a surgery that basically they wanted to clean out the wound. It was my birthday that day. They gave me anesthesia and of course they cleaned the wound. When I opened my eyes (When my eyes were opened) I was taken home and before my eyes my whole family lay as a body. The veteran star also confirmed that his father killed Shagufta and Namrata in a drunken stupor.

When asked if he celebrates his birthday, Kamal Sadna replied, “At first I didn’t get it. (At first, I didn’t celebrate.) In fact, I still don’t. But, every year my friends just stand in line. Last year or the year before, I actually said, ‘I’m going to have a little party’. And both my children were there. It was great.”

Kamal Sadan also revealed that he still lives in the same house where the tragic incident took place. He added, “I am not the only person witnessing the tragedy. There are many people in the world who have seen tragedy in different forms, in different forms. But you have to move on. You can’t live with hate in your heart and you can’t have all the problems. Otherwise you will be stuck.”

On the professional front, Kamal Sadanah was last seen in the film 2023 Pippa,

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