After shouting out Taylor Swift for AR Rahman’s new album, fans demanded a collaboration

After AR Rahman

The photo was shared on Instagram. (Image courtesy: Arrahman,

Oscar winning composer AR Rahman It sent the internet into a frenzy when he shared his wishes Taylor Swift Upon the release of her latest album The Persecuted Poet Section, he also added a link to the album on music streaming platform Spotify. As soon as the music director shared the post, many fans took to social media platforms to demand a collaboration between the two talented artists.

First, check out AR Rahman’s post here:

One fan wrote: “Make my day to Taylor Swift, the Oscar-winning music director in India!”

“We hear an epic collaboration between @arrahman and @taylorswift13? #ARRahmanXTaylorSwift,” one fan wrote.

Another user said: “It looks like it’s going to explode. AR Rahman and Taylor Swift together – pure brilliance #ARRahmanXTaylorSwift.”

“Music lovers! A.R. Rahman and Taylor Swift are about to drop a collaboration that will rock the world. #ARRahmanXTaylorSwift.”

Shout out to Taylor Swift from AR Rahman After the music director praised the singer, he chose her over Ariana Grande in an interview Connect FM Canadahe said of the possibility of working with Taylor Swift, “Whatever she wants! If she wants a dance number, it’s a dance number; if she wants a romantic number, it’s a romantic number. She still writes the lyrics. !”

On Taylor Swift’s rise to fame and long-term success, he said: “It’s great if people take the power of music to do good things. Michael Jackson had the power to do that. He did a lot of charity concerts and did philanthropic work. It’s great to see Taylor make a comeback.” He also mentioned Taylor’s Swift. free space And added that her work is an inspiration to the music world.

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