ATLAS works because of the plot and Jennifer Lopez’s performance

Atlas (English) review {2.5/5} and review rating

Star Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Mark Strong, Sterling Kay Brown

Director: Brad Peyton

Atlas Movie Summary:
A book of maps It is the story of an analyst trying to stop an AI terrorist. Val Shepherd (Lana Parilla) of Shepherd Robotics develops an AI robot named Harlan (Simu Liu, things go wrong and Harlan becomes too powerful. He weaponizes other AI bots and starts attacking humanity. To combat this menace, various countries have developed an organization called the International Coalition of Nations (ICN). They successfully destroy the AI ​​bots. Harlan escapes into space to save himself but sends a message that he will be back soon. It’s been 28 years. Casca Wicks (Abraham Popula), Harlan’s agent, is found on Earth and is captured by ICN forces with great difficulty. Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez), Val’s daughter and who has studied Harlan in depth, is called in to interrogate Casca. From Casca, she intelligently locates Harlan. Harlan lives on a planet called ‘GR 39, Andromeda Galaxy’. General Jake Booth (Mark Strong) forms a squad to go to GR 39 and capture Harlan. Atlas, first, warns General and Colonel Elias Banks (Sterling K Brown) that this could be a suicide mission because it was unexplored territory and, moreover, Harlan would be ready to attack the army. Elias, who is leading the mission, assures Atlas that they have the best weapons and help from the AI ​​to capture Harlan. Atlas pleads with the General that she would like to accompany Elias on the mission as she is the best person to understand Harlan. General agrees. The team heads to GR 39 and before they land on the planet, things go awry. What happens next sets up the rest of the film.

Atlas Movie Story Review:
Leo Sardarian and Aaron Eli Collett’s story is hopeful and speaks to the dangers as well as the benefits of AI. The screenplay by Leo Sardarian and Aaron Elie Collett is attractive but, at many points, unconvincing. The dialogues are sharp and add to the humor quotient.

Brad Peyton’s direction is spot on. It keeps the running time under control (120 minutes). Also, despite being a sci-fi film, the focus is not just on action and VFX. One of the most memorable aspects of the film is the bond Atlas shares with the AI ​​bot, Smith (voiced by Gregory James Cohan). Some dramatic and emotional moments stand out.

On the other hand, the film’s biggest problem is that some of the developments are difficult to digest. It is surprising that General Booth immediately deploys his soldiers to capture a dangerous terrorist like Harlan and that too on a planet that is completely foreign territory to humans. Humans are expected to study the planet for a few years before sending soldiers. Soldiers are sent instead in a few days! Also, there is inconsistency. At times, Harlan and his army seem to be all-powerful, and yet, Atlas is able to escape captivity in the pre-climax, easily destroying Harlan’s squad.

Atlas Movie Performance:
However, Jennifer Lopez rocked the show. She plays a tough role with perfection and scores points with this performance-heavy role. Simu Liu has limited screen time and is the best. Abraham Poppu leaves a big impression with his robot-like expressions and dialogue delivery. Sterling K Brown is reliable and the same goes for Mark Strong. Lana Parrilla is great in a cameo. Finally, Gregory James Cohan is terrific as the voice of Smith.

Atlas Music and other technical aspects:
Andrew Lockington’s music is perfect for this kind of film. John Schwartzman’s cinematography is superb. Barry Chusid’s production design is rich and attractive. Daniel Orlandi’s costumes are realistic. VFX matches global standards. The action is interesting. Bob Dux’s editing is smooth.

Atlas Movie Conclusion:
Overall, ATLAS works because of the plot and Jennifer Lopez’s performance. However, as it is unconvincing and convenient, the film turns out to be an average fare.

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