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Ruslaan Box Office Collection Day 5: Aayush Sharma

From a still Ruslan(Courtesy: aaysharma,

RuslanBox office numbers have slightly increased on the first Tuesday. On the 5th day, the film collected 55 lakhs Sacknilk Reportedly, the action film has earned Rs 3.32 crore (including 6th day collection so far). The film features directed by Karan Butani Ayush Sharma in the title role. He plays the son of a dead terrorist, who is adopted by a police officer and wants to become a true patriot. The film also stars Ms. Mishra, Vidya Malvade, Sange Sheltrim, Jagpati Babu and Manish Gaharwar in important roles. Ruslan Produced under Sri Sathya Sai Arts by KK Radhamohan.

On Tuesday, Bollywood business analyst Dr. Swimming ideal Posted a note above Ruslanin his note, Taran wrote, “#Ruslan Mainly getting a taste on single screens, Day 4 (Mon) is on par with Day 1 (Fri)… Multiplexes (Urban Centres) are dull… However, 4 day totals are pretty low… #Mumbai & #DelhiUP *circuit* so far (till Mon ) contributed around 53% to the #India biz.

Stating the numbers, Taran Adarsh ​​added, “(Week 1) Fri 79 Lakhs, Sat 93 Lakhs, Sun 1.11 Crores, Mon 73 Lakhs. Total: Rs. 3.56 crores. #India Biz. #boxoffice.”

in one ndtv reviewFilm critic Saibal Chatterjee said Ruslan 1.5 out of 5 stars and said, “The biggest problem with movies like this Ruslan It’s that they don’t have anything that makes the audience feel like they’re watching it for the first time. The lack of innovation and the bordering-on-the-bombastic dialogue give the film a core that is so empty it can hold nothing. To be fair, Aayush Sharma leaves no stone unturned to pull off the action sequences – the performance defies signs that he’s developing as an actor – but still comes across as noticeably lacking in emotional prowess.

“It is especially shown in the presence of Jagpati Babu, who pulls his historical weight more effectively despite being plagued by unbelievable situations and lines. Other actors in the cast are painted into a corner from which they have no chance of escaping.” Saible Chatterjee added.

Ruslan Released on April 26.

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