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Ruslaan Box Office Collection Day 7: Aayush Sharma

From a still Ruslan(Courtesy: aaysharma,

New Delhi:

Ruslan, released on April 26, is failing to live up to expectations at the box office. On its first Thursday, the action film earned ₹ 31 lakh Sacknilk Report Directed by Karan Butani, the film has earned a total of ₹ 4.02 crore so far. Ruslan Titled by Ayush Sharma, he plays the son of a dead terrorist, who is later adopted by a police officer and wants to become a true patriot. The film also stars Ms. Mishra, Vidya Malvade, Sange Tcheltrim, Jagapathi Babu and Manish Gaharwar in lead roles. Ruslan Produced by KK Radhamohan.

Ruslan marks the Bollywood debut of Mrs. Mishra, recently, the actress shared her experience working in the film. In an interview with women“It feels so surreal, and I’m so grateful,” said Ms. Ruslan It’s a dream debut with a perfect star cast, where I get to showcase all my skills, from dancing to acting. And, to be honest, the fire in my belly is burning more now than ever, and I’m determined to work harder and become a better actor and a better person.”

Talking about her (Vani) character in Ruslan, Ms. Mishra noted, “What attracted me to the character was that Vaani was no ordinary heroine and she was not written as an ordinary protagonist. She is a beauty with brains and lots of grit. She is a woman of very decisive substance and expression to the story; The writer, Younus Sajawal, sir, who is a famous writer, was very kind to narrate the film when I was offered the film and halfway through the narration, I was convinced that this is the best way for me to start. travel.”

“Vani is such a powerful character that initially I kept pinching myself because I couldn’t believe that I had been cast for such a powerful role and it lit a fire in my belly. And I was proud of the faith they showed in me. I always wanted to follow the opportunity at every moment. Whenever you play any character, it leaves a little bit with you and I will always take Vani with me wherever I go,” added Ms. Mishra.

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