Blackout relies on an interesting idea.

Blackout review {2.5/5} and review rating

Star Cast: Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, Sunil Grover, Jishu Sengupta

Director: Devang Shashin Bhavsar

Synopsis of Blackout Movie:
BLACKOUT is the story of a group of madcap characters. Lenny D’Souza (Vikrant Massey) works as a crime journalist in Pune and is known for his explosive sting operations. He arrives at his wife Roshni’s (Ruhani Sharma) home where she is cooking. The dal burns and the power supply is interrupted. Roshni asks him to buy it and pao, on the way he meets his friend Ravi (Anantavijay Joshi) and goes to drop him off at his home on the outskirts of Pune. Meanwhile, a criminal gang robs a jewelry store. Lenny crashes into the gang’s van while running. The vehicle overturns and Lenny runs to check the situation. He noticed that the passenger in the van was dead. He also sees a lot of loot in the van. He takes a box full of jewels and runs away. He then drives his car into a mysterious man (Kelly Dorji). From here on in his life Thik (Karan Sudhakar Sonwane), Thak (Saurabh Dilip Ghadge), Shruti Mehra (meet such strange characters)Mouni Roy) and the drunken poet (Sunil Groverwhat happens next sets up the rest of the film.

Blackout Movie Story Review:
The story of Devang Shashin Bhavsar is promising. Devang Shashin Bhavsar’s screenplay has charm. Few films have been in this zone – where the story unfolds in one night of sheer crime and madness – but this film stands apart. However, the script gets confused in the second half. Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal’s dialogues are funny and maintain interest.

Devang Shashin Bhavsar’s direction is neat. There are so many tracks and characters and yet, the film never gets confusing for a second. Funny moments abound while intermission points are dramatic.

On the flipside, the other half is weaker. The gang war scene feels unnecessary and doesn’t fit the overall narrative of the film. The mid-credits scene neither surprises nor surprises the audience. It could have been easily removed. Some developments are also confusing. A gang cutting off power to an entire town to rob a store is stupid! No one taught them, it seems they could have turned off the electricity in the shop area or just in the building where the jewelery shop was located. This important track is forgotten, and the director does not return to it until a certain point in the second half. The climax, after all, does not give a high feeling.

Blackout Trailer | Streaming on JioCinema Premium | June 7 | Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, Sunil Grover

Blackout Movie Performance:
Vikrant Massey performed well as expected. This time, he plays to the gallery and sounds convincing. Sunil Grover is the biggest surprise of the film. He is portrayed in a gorgeous avatar and that adds to the fun. Mouni Roy’s entry came late and is credible. Jishu Sengupta gets to play an interesting character, but is let down by the writing. Karan Sudhakar Sonwane and Saurabh Dilip Ghadge are very interesting and make a confident debut. Ruhani Sharma and Anantavijay Joshi ably assisted. Prasad Oak (Inspector Patil) and Chaya Kadam (MLA Anita Naik) are decent. Suraj Pops (Mugali Anna) fails to impress while Kelly Dorji is wasted.

Blackout Music and Other Technical Aspects:
Songs in Vishal Mishra’s music are not registered, however ‘picture book’ Or ‘What happened?’Jon Stewart Eduri’s background pulsates with the film’s fantastical themes.

Anubhav Bansal’s cinematography is satisfactory. Production design by Priya Suhas is functional. Sheetal Iqbal Sharma’s costumes are realistic. Works by Manohar Verma. The VFX from the famous studio is of high quality. Unnikrishnan PP’s editing could have been sharper, especially in the second half.

Blackout Movie Conclusion:
Overall, Blackout relies on an interesting premise and is full of fun and exciting moments. But a weak second half makes it an average flick.

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