“Everyone has the right to criticize”

Heeramandi Actor Indresh Malik On Co-Star Sharmin Segal Being Trolled:

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New Delhi:

Heeramandi actor Indresh Malik recently opened up about his thoughts on co-star Sharmeen Segal’s performance in an interview, which has been trolled since its release. Free Press Journal. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece Sharmin played Alamjeb, one of the lead characters in the series, and has been criticized for her “expressionless” performance. Talking about working with Sharmeen, Indresh Malik said, “I enjoyed working with her and she is a wonderful soul. During the shots, we used to crack jokes and mark my words, she would fall into place. There have been masterpieces in history. Which have been rejected by the masses. ” He added, “After 10-15 years people realize that it is a masterpiece. But when it was made and exhibited, people rejected it. So everyone has the right to criticize. You can’t stop anyone from commenting or criticizing. So It’s all about your state of mind.”

FYI, Indresh Malik played the role of Ustadji in the serial and was applauded for his performance. Before Indresh Malik, Heeramandi actor Jason Shah, Shekhar Suman, Adhyan Suman also spoke about trolling Sharmeen. Unlike other actors, Jason Shah felt that the character was “not fully explored.” Jason told Entertainment Live, “I thought, personally, the amount of emotion might have been higher in different places.” He added, “I remember even Sanjay said, ‘Act from your head, act from your heart’. But I don’t know, maybe that’s what they wanted from her. Maybe that’s the tone they were looking for. This character she never had. Couldn’t do it.

Earlier, casting director Shruti Mahajan had also defended Sharmin’s casting, saying that Sharmin had to go through an audition process before being finalized for the role of Alamzeb. Shruti told Hindustan Times, “She went through the entire process like any other actor. The process was the same for everyone. They had to go through audition rounds and look tests.”

Meanwhile, Sharmeen revealed that she auditioned 16 times for the role The Great Indian Kapil Show. When Kapil inquired, “Did you audition me and make you my mother?” (Did they really audition you or did you just take advantage of the uncle-niece relationship?), Sharmeen replied that the process involved 16 rounds of auditions. In the show, she said, “Ek sal ke liye ladar kiya aur 16 bar auditions diye” (I prepared for a year and gave 16 auditions for the role).

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