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Ruslaan Box Office Collection Day 4: Aayush Sharma

From a still Ruslan(Courtesy: aaysharma,

New Delhi:

By Ayush Sharma Ruslan Struggling to catch up at the box office. On the fourth day, which is the first Monday since its release, the action film earned ₹40 lakh through ticket sales alone, according to Sacknilk Abhool is his lowest grosser till date, grossing ₹55 lakh on the first day, ₹75 lakh on the second day and ₹85 lakh on the third day at the domestic box office. The story of the film is directed by Karan Butani Ruslan (Ayush Sharma), the son of a dead terrorist. To leave the past behind us and earn the title of true patriot, Ruslan Ready to go in bulk.

NDTV for Ayush Sharma’s performance in the film Saibal Chatterjee Wrote: “The titular hero is played by Aayush Sharma, who also tries his best to prove a point – the lead actor wants to be known as a heavy-duty action hero capable of carrying the entire film on his shoulders. Sharma does not stop striving in that direction. This is Ruslan, the movie, and the character, which makes him so bad that there’s no way he’ll ever return to some sort of sanity. A film is a boat that has no wind in its sails and is full of holes.

Later in his third publication love traveler And Ultimate: The ultimate truth, He gets all the help he needs from screenwriter Yunus Sajawal and director Karan Lalit Butani. They pull out the stops and create a film that allows the actor to run completely free. The film has lost heavily in the bargain.”

About working on RuslanHis first film outside the SKF banner which is owned by his brother-in-law Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma at the trailer launch said: “If anyone thinks I have screwed up (by SKF), Karan sir and Radhamohan sir (producers of the film) have fixed me. The spoiled brat in me disappeared (laughs) when they stood me in minus 6 degrees Celsius in Azerbaijan (laughs)…. But to be honest, it was not my or my family’s intention that I would only do films. the family I’m an actor first, I’m hungry. I want to do as many good films as possible. It doesn’t matter who is producing the film, I would love to work. My journey has just begun and I don’t think I have the freedom to stay in my comfort zone.”

Produced by KK Radhamohan, Ruslan Ms. Mishra, Vidya Malwade, Sange Tsheltrim, Jagapathi Babu and Manish Gaharwar also play prominent roles.

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