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Amar Singh Chamkila

Jaiman Chamkila shared his pictures. (Etiquette: Jayamanchamakila,

After watching Diljit Dosanjh In and around Amar Singh Chamkila, people are curious about the life of the legendary music singer and his wife and co-singer Amarjot Kaur. Now Amarsingh Chamkila’s first wife Gurmail Kaur’s interview about Amarjot has surfaced online. In conversation with Love PunjabGurmel said, “After a couple of days, Chamkila called and came back. Ohnu (Amarjot) I have such a nose… Try calling. Oh wow, I’m alive. (Chamki used to visit after a day or two. Amarjot was not brought along. Sometimes she came.)

Gurmail Kaur added, “Bali Gal Ki C. What kind of bread shall I eat while I live, oh (Amarjot Kaur) should be served as vegetables. Ja Hey Kahandi Hundi, ‘I have come to make vegetables, I am making bread.’ Ohnu rotia v nai c andia. The bread was kept in another kitchen. I will tell you everything, I will do everything for you. (What was the fuss about it? I would start making rotis, she would make sabzi. Sometimes she would say, ‘I don’t know how to make sabji, can I make rotis.’ But she wouldn’t. ‘t “It’s not good with rotis. I told her to sit down, I can do everything myself.”

When asked if she and Amarjot Kaur have a cordial relationship, Gurmail Kaur replied, “There is no balloon hanging in the house. Come on, I’ll lend it to my family. How much did you pay to watch? (When someone comes to your house, you have to talk to them. I used to talk to her for my husband.)

As shown in the Netflix movie, Amar Singh Chamkila He did not divorce his first wife and married Amarjot Kaur. The singer continued to support Gurmel and her children financially. Amar Singh Chamila and Amarjot Kaur tragically passed away at the peak of their careers.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Amar Singh Chamkila Amarjot Kaur is played by Parineeti Chopra.

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