Hina Khan shouts at Nancy Tyagi’s Cannes debut: “So proud”

Hina Khan

Image Instagrammed by Nancy Tyagi. (Etiquette: For Nancy,

New Delhi:

hina khan, One of the biggest names in Indian television, made headlines when he attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2019. She was present at the festival to unveil the poster of her film. lines. She was highly praised for her stunning looks on the red carpet and her choice of satires. In 2022, she returned to the festival once again to launch the poster of her film. Country of the blind, this year, the star’s fans hoped that she would return for the 77th edition of the festival. Although she didn’t attend the event this year, she only has words of praise for the content creator and self-taught designer. Nancy Tyagi Who bowed on the red carpet this year. talking to News18 ShowshaHina Khan shared that she is proud of the young trailblazer.

Talking about the Indian representation at Cannes this year, she added: “I can’t keep track of this edition but I saw a few looks and they were all great. But I really liked Nancy (Tyagi). She did very well and I am proud of her. “

Further praising Nancy, Hina Khan Said: “We have some of the biggest designers and labels in the fashion industry. But how many people can actually afford their costumes? Maybe only ten percent in our country. Nancy really helps them by creating similar pieces. She puts in every piece and tries so hard. And people can buy those costumes at half price. She provides food to many, who cannot afford those expensive clothes.”

Reminiscing about her own journey, Hina Khan said: “How I missed coming to Cannes this year! Both times I took my films with me. So, when I have a film, I will go again. I love to dress up and I know a lot of people in Cannes. I know I have the opportunity to wear such amazing gowns. It’s just that I’m not there! I remember that. I know many photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and designers. I know that if I go there, everything will just click.

But fans can rejoice as Hina Khan is positive that she will be attending film festivals in the near future. “On this international carpet, people showcase high fashion and glam but at the same time, the festival is known for films. If I have the chance again, I would love to go. I don’t want to just brag. Maybe I’ll go again in a couple of years. I can also go there for brands,” she explained.

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