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Katrina Kaif Turned Down A Hollywood Offer:

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Katrina Kaif needs no introduction. From keeping us glued to the screen with her acting skills to red-carpet looks, the actress does it all and how. Recently, Katrina opened up about the time when she got an offer from a western country. In an interview given by this actress, Dr Diversity, she had to turn it down due to adverse circumstances. Katrina added, “I believe it will, and I think it will be a new page in my book, so to speak, and really exciting.” Along with her acting prowess, Katrina Kaif One of the best dancers in the industry. In the same interview, she discussed how dance played an important role in her career. Katrina said, “Dance is one thing, but I think Kathak is about expression. It’s about a feeling, it’s about expressing yourself through music. And that, for me, was the foundation of films. It was about feeling and understanding the language of cinema.”

“I was almost quiet, a little timid, very naïve, I wasn’t sure of my identity as my voice, as a girl, as a woman, as my expression. I was very young. So I think (dance) really helped me find my voice. done,” added Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif was last seen Merry Christmas from the side Vijay Sethupathithe film is based on a French novel Le Monte-Charge (The Bird in a Cage), talking about the novel, Katrina said, “I was in love with the book. I was like, ‘Wow,’ I mean, this place had everything you could want. It was tender, poetic, with a very mystical Hitchcockian quality. It had drama, it had mystery, it had murder, most of all it was unique and novel.

talking about Merry Christmas Director Shri Ram Raghavan, Katrina Kaif added, “The characters in his films have a certain rawness and realness when you see them on screen, they’re very flawed, they’re very imperfect, but they have a tangible, human quality about them. Very real, like I’ve seen this person or I know this person. He has a definite grasp of being something relatable to what he portrays on screen, even if sometimes the situations are too outlandish, but still the characters are such that you can understand what they are going through and you can relate to their emotions. .

Apart from Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, Merry Christmas It also featured Sanjay Kapoor.

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