“I know you think I’m a liar”

Trolled For Nothing And Everything, Babil Khan Writes:

Babil Khan shared this photo. (Etiquette: babil.ik,

New Delhi:

Babil Khan He has finally broken his silence on all the criticism he has been receiving online. On Tuesday, the actor shared a cryptic note on Instagram addressing trolling for his reaction after he photobombed a woman at an event in Mumbai. The guest became the subject of trolls after a video of him profusely apologizing went viral (more on this later). Now, Babil has shared a series of pictures of herself wearing the outfit from the same event. In the caption, he admitted that he’s “not strategic” when he’s “so sorry” about something. Adding that he “grew up” this way, Babil Khan wrote, “I just introduced myself, ‘Hi, I’m Babil’ and you changed the way you looked at me. I know that look, I know you think I’m fake, ‘He’s being pretentious, try to be polite when I’m sure I know his name’ or something like I’m so sorry when I apologize. I’m not strategic, the way I was raised, I am who I am and the way I act, but I know it’s weird to see something new when all the clones look the same.”

Babil Khan, son of late actor Irrfan Khan, added, “But if I am honest with you, the truth is that I am just struggling to adjust to fame. I started working and I dealt with the pain and I think it will pay off at some point, and I care about you, I care about what you feel, but I think it’s time for a change. The things for which you loved me are now weapons of your hatred. But I see you, the true one, of the day, who never changed lanes. You are family to me, I will be there for you, you are the reason I stay in the game. This is our army. I love you.”

Babil Khan fans showered love in the comments section. Many users asked him not to apologize and stay the way he is. One fan said, “Don’t apologize fam, they only hate you when they want you to. Keep your head up.” Another wrote, “Never apologize for being yourself.” “Don’t apologize. We love you,” read another. “We love you for who you are.”

In a video taken at the Tiffany & Co store launch event in Mumbai, Babil can be seen interacting with the paparazzi, ignoring the woman standing behind him on the red carpet. As soon as she notices, the actor quickly apologizes and retreats. Later in the video, the woman is seen asking Babil to come with her but he requests her to go ahead with her pictures. At the end of the clip, a guilty-looking Babil apologizes to her once again. The clip was shared on Reddit with the caption “Babil Khan is a gentleman”. However, many started trolling him for being “too cool”. Read all about it here,

Once again on Tuesday, Babil Khan was trolled for sharing pictures of himself with a mystery woman on Instagram. Read about it here,

On the work front, Babil Khan made his Bollywood debut the castlethe actor was last seen in Railway men.

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