“I left my home when I was 11”

Diljit Dosanjh Opens Up About His Strained Relationship With Parents:

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New Delhi:

Singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh Recently opened up about his strained relationship with his family. He also spoke about a pivotal moment from his childhood when his parents took the difficult decision to send him to live with a relative in Ludhiana, without consulting him first. Diljit Dosanjh The move, which was intended to ensure that his basic needs such as “food, shelter and schooling” were adequately met, strained his relationship with his parents, despite his love and respect for them. He recalled the experience of the conversation with him Ranveer Allahabadia, Diljit shared, “I was eleven years old when I left my home and started living with my maternal uncle. I left my village behind and came to the city. I shifted to Ludhiana. He said, ‘Send him to the city. I’ and my parents said ‘Yes, take him.’ My parents didn’t even ask me.”

Diljit Dosanjh She continued, “I used to live alone in a small room. I used to just go to school and come back, there was no TV. I had a lot of time. Also, we didn’t have mobile phones then, even if I had to call home or get a call from my parents, we had to pay. So I started moving away from my family.”

Reflecting on his parents’ decision, Diljit shared that his parents wished him well and said, “I respect my mother a lot. My father is a very sweet person. He didn’t ask me anything. He didn’t even ask what school I was in. I studied. . But I fell out with them. Not just with them, but with everyone.”

Born in the village of Dosanj Kalan in 1984, Diljit started showing his talent by performing at local events while studying at a school in Ludhiana. Known for his hit pop songs, Diljit rose to global fame after his spectacular performance at the Coachella music festival last year. His acting skills have won him praise from audiences and critics alike.

On the commercial front, Diljit’s film crewKareena Kapoor, along with Tabu and Kriti Sanon, hits theaters on March 29. He will also be seen in an upcoming film Amar Singh Chamkila With Parineeti Chopra.

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