Imran Khan On Why Aamir Khan Is MIA From Award Shows

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Imran Khan, who has been away from the public eye for nearly a decade, is now in the limelight due to his recent appearances and interviews. The actor, who is also the nephew of the superstar Aamir Khan, recently revealed why his uncle doesn’t attend award shows. In a recent episode of Chill remainder Along with comedians Sapan Verma, Raunak Rajani and Prasathi Singh, Imran shared, “I grew up in a family of people who dedicated themselves to art but none of them were attracted by glitz and celebrity. I was always taught, ‘We take our art seriously, we put our hearts into it, the rest is sprinkled on top, which you shouldn’t be enamored with.’

During this conversation, Imran Khan He also shared his experience regarding the award show. He said they are often introduced to stars based on their availability in the city. He mentioned that he went through a similar situation after the release of his first film. You go… or you don’t go In 2008. Imran said, “We went through that phase right after my first film came out. They don’t address directly, they’ll ask, ‘Are you free on such and such a date?’ Then you say perhaps, they will obey,’Well if you are coming…’ They don’t want to come out and talk about it directly. So, there were many things that struck me as odd.”

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Aamir Khan appeared as a guest The Great Indian Kapil Show, During the fun chit-chat, comedian Kapil Sharma also asked the star about his absence from the award show. To this Aamir replied, “Time is very precious. It should be used properly (Time is precious. You should use it wisely.)

A funny moment has also been shared in the teaser released by Netflix India. Check it out below:

In terms of work, Aamir Khan produced the last one Laapataaa ladies, the film was directed by his ex-wife Kiran Rao. On the other hand, Imran Khan was last seen in a 2015 film hard light,

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