Inside Pataudi Palace with Sharmila Tagore and Kareena Kapoor

Inside Pataudi Palace With Sharmila Tagore And Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore in the ad. (Etiquette: Kareena Kapoor,

New Delhi:

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor She has always been vocal about her admiration for her mother-in-law, veteran actress Sharmila Tagore. Kareena Kapoor’s son is married to Saif Ali Khan Sharmila Tagore and cricket icon Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the late Nawab of Pataudi. Now, in a new clip, Kareena Kapoor is seen having the best time with her mother-in-law at their ancestral home, Pataudi Palace, albeit for an advertisement. The clip opens with an aerial shot of a grand palace and soon cuts inside to show Kareena Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore dancing in their respective rooms. The stars swayed and grazed with ease in the palatial rooms of the palace. The clip ends with the two sitting down to eat at a grand table. In the caption, Kareena Kapoor wrote: “Rolling with the Queen – real to reel life.”

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In an earlier interview with PTI, Dr. Kareena Kapoor She referred to her mother-in-law as her inspiration: “She is my inspiration because she continued her career despite being married and having children. She worked with big superstars and filmmakers. It’s important for me to do that. She will always be my inspiration to keep career and family together. I miss her in movies. I am a huge fan of Hema Maliniji and my mother-in-law. I think she was an iconic actress.

Earlier when Sharmila Tagore appeared as a guest on Kareena Kapoor’s talk showWhat women want, had many words of praise for her daughter-in-law. “I love your consistency. I love your way of keeping in touch because I know that if I send you a message, you will always reply. Saif (Ali Khan) will, Soha (Ali Khan) won’t. Soha will definitely not answer. I mean, she will take time but you will answer,” said Sharmila Tagore, “If I am coming home, you will ask me what I like to eat and I will get what I want. It must be a Kapoor trait because you set an amazing table.”

Most recently, on the latest season of Coffee with Karan, Sharmila Tagore talks about welcoming Kareena Kapoor into the family. “I knew Kareena before. I mean I met her before and she was very nice to me. She is very beautiful and she is the same. She was with us when Tiger was sick and she was with us when he passed away,” she said.

Recalling a particular incident, the veteran actress said: “I had friends, many people from Delhi. These two came and sat there. I simply said, ‘What’s going on?’ She (Kareena) said, ‘When Saif woke up in the morning, he told me this’… giving the impression that they were living together. This is Delhi and these are my friends of my age. She said it so naturally that I laugh when I think about it. It is so simple and orderly. She is very direct and very clear. “…

Once again the famous Kapoor’s hospitality was mentioned. “And she always sets a nice table – Kapoor. So, she used to ask me, Amma, would you like to eat this? Would you like to eat it? So it’s sorted. Dinner on time. So, that’s pretty cool. There is a lot of clarity. “

In a special segment of the same show, Kareena Kapoor said: “Ever since I met Saif, I have been calling her (Sharmila Tagore) Amma because I really feel the love and connection for her because she is so loving and caring. I think she looks like a girl to me. Like Soha and Saba. She has always welcomed me. “

Well, we hope to see these legendary stars together in a film soon.

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