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Sushmita Sen On Surviving Heart Attack:

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Sushmita Sen never fails to talk about her personal and professional challenges. A living actress A heart attack In 2023, the event recently opened up about “how it was meant to happen”. In chats with Lad Express, Sushmita shared, “Being fit doesn’t mean you won’t have hiccups, be they genetic or otherwise. In my case, it was genetic because my parents have heart problems. Since it’s in the family, we’ve been testing it for a long time. Despite this, it happened. I think it was bound to happen. The fact that I survived and recovered quickly is a great blessing and I wish the same for anyone who has to go through this.”

“It’s taught me that life has a pace and no matter what you’re going through or the environment you’re in, you have to follow that pace and you have to be very aware of what your body wants – it gives you cues. I’ve always celebrated life, so that hasn’t changed. But I’ve definitely become more aware of my body and its needs.” Sushmita Sen added

In the same conversation, Sushmita Sen also spoke about her post-surgery fitness routine. She said, “My fitness routine is very slow. This February, I completed one year since the heart attack and a return to a fitness regimen is in order. It’s mostly warm-ups and stretches, with some floor exercise. I am now cleared to weigh in, so weight training has started. I’m not allowed to make anything too static, the movements have to be dynamic. I’m not allowed to run, but I can walk fast. Also, drugs have side effects. So, you have to face it and listen to your body and what it allows you to do on a given day.

In an earlier interview, Dr Hindustan Times, Sushmita Sen revealed that she has shot a scene Arya 3 (pictured in the trailer) shortly after the heart attack. The actress expressed, “It was cathartic in a sense because all the action you see in the trailer was shot a month after my heart attack. So when Arya was shot, she fell to the ground and was gasping for air. In a weird way, it was reel and real. As life was, there was a beautiful cathartic sense of unity at the end. As dark as it sounds, I think it was a whole new beginning for me. Personally and for Arya on screen.”

Sushmita Sen’s latest project Arya 3 Disney+ is streaming on Hotstar. The series also stars Vikas Kumar, Ila Arun, Vishwajit Pradhan and Sikandar Kher in lead roles.

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