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Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao at Laapataaa ladies Screening

New Delhi:

Aamir Khan and Filmmaker Kiran Rao, The couple, who have been married for 15 years, announced their divorce in July 2021. They continue to co-parent son Azad and are frequently pictured together. In a recent interaction with NDTV, filmmaker Kiran Rao opened up about her divorce, need for privacy and more. Speaking about the decision to go public with the divorce announcement, Kiran Rao told NDTV’s Abira Dhar, “It was a conscious decision because in some ways, we’re aware of it… You know you’re in the public eye. You’re living your life a lot. In public. What we were doing was absolutely legal, ethical and morally sound. It’s better to be up front about it and not make people guess about it.”

Kiran Rao added during the dialogue, “Even when you say what happens, people can interpret it but when you don’t, it’s very easy for people to gloss over it. And we’ve seen how big public figures have been dragged through difficult and painful times. by things while passing.”

Kiran Rao also spoke about the world before social media and how it has changed now. Kiran Rao added, “I understand that you are more open about it, people are understanding it more. There is a curiosity, a connection with the actor and how his life should be. An interest in him. The relationship and you make the country a part of your marriage. Even We didn’t. We got married in a world before social media. But you kind of realize that when you ask for space, everyone backs off. That kind of perverted interest only comes when you hide it. And everyone deserves their privacy. They need privacy. And we’re obsessed with knowing every detail about everything and we demand it. And at the same time we’re exhausted.”

When asked how Kiran Rao And Aamir Khan keeps son Azad out of the limelight, the filmmaker said, “As people, Aamir and I are very down to earth. I go to my local coffee shop. I have a very normal life and people are very used to it and give me my space and privacy. I’m grateful for the real intimacy I feel living in this city, but in general, people in Mumbai and Maharashtra never feel like invading your privacy and will back off when you tell them. And so is Azad. I’ve told him, people tell you. If asked for a picture, say yes if you’re okay with it, say no if you’re not. So when we go to the airport and people want a picture with him, sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no. We have them outside the gates or wherever we go. No paps.”

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