“It’s not a big investment.”

Karthik Aaryan at NDTV Studios

New Delhi:

Karthik Aryan, who is gearing up for the release of his much awaited film Chandu Champion, shared his obsession with cars in an exclusive chat with NDTV’s Abira Dhar. Karthik admitted in the interview that he’s got a “thing” for buying luxury cars. However, he also acknowledged the fact that buying a car is “not a big investment”. Asked if his parents were involved in maintaining his finances, Karthik told NDTV, “My parents are very involved in managing my finances. They fear what will happen if a film doesn’t work? Everything is temporary in this industry.”

Talks about his early days Industry insider Karthik Aaryan told NDTV, “Whenever I used to go to award shows, I would take a ride from somebody. When I had money, I would buy a car. I bought the first car. Maybe for some rebellious nature, it became a thing for me, it was very Not a big investment, next I’ll build my dream house and hopefully I’ll make it.”

Karthik Aaryan has undergone a drastic physical transformation for Chandu Champion. A few days ago, Karthik Aaryan shared before and after pictures showing his dramatic body transformation for Chandu Champion. A note attached to the post reads, “From 39% body fat to 7% body fat !! From being a ‘sleeper’ to a ‘fitness enthusiast’, it has definitely been a year and a half journey for me to remember. The life of the living legend Mr. Muralikant Petkar has given me only a If not made a stronger person, it reinforced the belief that if you dream it you can achieve it…nothing is impossible.

Karthik Aaryan added, “Earlier mom used to say, son go to the gym, but today the situation is that you have to call and say, son come to the gym (earlier mom used to say, go to the gym and nowadays, she has to call and say, please come back from the gym. )” Take a look:

Chandu Champion is jointly backed by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Kabir Khan Films. This is the first time that Kabir Khan and Karthik Aaryan have teamed up for a project.

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