Janhvi Kapoor reacts to boyfriend Shikhar Paharia being name checked on The Great Indian Kapil Show

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi and Kapil in a still from the video. (Etiquette: YouTube,

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Mr. and Mrs. Mahi the stars Janhvi Kapoor And Rajkummar Rao is the new guest on Kapil Sharma’s Netflix chat show The Great Indian Kapil Show, the show’s host Kapil Sharma is seen teasing Janhvi Kapoor in a promo video shared by Netflix on Wednesday. ,Janhvi, would you like to choose a life partner? (Would you like to pick a guy who has the same interests as you or you are or the peak you are at)…,” asked Kapil. Janhvi Kapoor didn’t blush and smile as she checked Kapil’s name. Her boyfriend Shikhar Paharia on the show.

Watch the promo video here:

Sharing the promo video on social media, Netflix India captioned the post, “Get ready for a sixer of laughs as Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, aka Janhvi Kapoor And Rajkumar meets Rao Kapil and his gang. clock The Great Indian Kapil Show “This Saturday at 8pm, only on Netflix.”

Janhvi Kapoor In an episode of Karan Johar’s chat show, she talked about her equation with boyfriend Shikhar Paharia. Coffee with Karan 8, Karan Johar asked Janhvi, “You’ve got an interesting way of love, you were dating Shikhar, and then you dated someone else and now you’re dating Shikhar again. True or false?” Janhvi said “have you heard that song? Come to Nadan Parinde’s houseShikhar used to sing a lot for me.

Janhvi continued during the episode, “I will say this, it’s not just for me but for her (Khushi), father and everyone in our family, he’s been there as a friend since the beginning. Not in a way. Which makes me feel like he’s expecting nothing.” Or is he a pushover or any of these things? He was so selfless and in a way that I haven’t seen many men capable of being there for other people.”

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi It will release in theaters on May 31. The film is backed by Zee Studios and Dharma Productions and directed by Sharan Sharma.

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