Janhvi Kapoor’s Chennai home is now on Airbnb. Details here

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi is sitting pretty in her Chennai home. (Etiquette: airbnb.co,

New Delhi:

to all Janhvi Kapoor Fans, we have some amazing news for you. Now, you can stay at the actress’s childhood home in Chennai. Yes, you read that right. airbnb A new category called Icons has been added, in which 11 celebrities from around the world list their properties. Janhvi’s house in Chennai was bought by her late mother, the legendary Sridevi. Airbnb’s official site has shared a series of pictures of the lavish abode, titled “Live Like Bollywood Star Janhvi Kapoor”. It was revealed that Janhvi will be welcoming two guests, who will have access to 1 bedroom and a bathroom. It will open for bookings on May 12.

Once selected guest Janhvi Kapoor For the stay, “Taste authentic South Indian cuisine.” Not only this, they will also get to taste the actress’ favorite local delicacies like “tup. Polly rice And Palkovathe one-night stay will also include conversations with Janhvi about her “favorite beauty hacks” that were passed down to her from her mother Sridevi.

Sharing details about her house in Chennai. Janhvi Kapoor told Airbnb, “My fondest childhood memories are spending summers with my family at a seaside oasis in Chennai, India. This house has always felt like a sanctuary and I want to share that feeling with my fans. That’s why I am opening our house for the first time for some guests to experience the full Kapoor family. That means a lot of relaxation—eating South Indian food, doing yoga, and using my mom’s natural skin care recipes. I can’t wait to share it all with you.”

The property is spread over four acres of land. Janhvi Kapoor added that she will be giving a private tour of her home to select guests. “Let me take you on a private tour of our coastal home as I reminisce about the summers I spent with my family. We can enjoy some much-deserved relaxation while I show you my all-natural skincare routine I learned from my mom (hello homemade honey face mask and hibiscus flower oil). Who knows, I might share my top Bollywood beauty secrets.”

Janhvi Kapoor said, “You will have an amazing dinner of my favorite South Indian dishes. Ghee Podi Rice, Andhra Biryani, Pesrattu Dosa, and Palkova. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Enjoy morning yoga sessions followed by a healthy breakfast (I like to start my day with a lassi) and sea view from the deck.”

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