Look at this! India star Vidya Malavde revealed that she was once approached to play Siddharth Malhotra’s mother

Chak De! India Star Vidya Malavade Reveals She Was Once Approached To Play Sidharth Malhotra

Vidya Malvade has shared these pictures. (Etiquette: Vidyamalawde,

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Bollywood actress Vidya Malavde is famous for her work in Shah Rukh Khan’s hit films Look at this! India, over the years, the actress has appeared in various roles, in various forms. In a recent interview with Bollywood bubble, the actress opened up about her career, including the rejections she faced along the way. Vidya Malavde shared that she missed out on opportunities because she was “too young, too old, too beautiful, too beautiful, too charming, not glamorous”. She also talked about a “weird” role – she was offered – to play actor Siddharth Malhotra’s mother. 51-year-old Vidya is just 12 years older than him Sher Shah Narrating the experience, actor Vidya said, “I remember I got this call… it’s really weird… some casting people who were casting for Siddharth Malhotra’s mother in some films… I won’t say where but there’s something and they called me and I . Was it just…really? Don’t know what to do? Some casting person, it might be a new assistant or whatever. But I think, ‘How? what is this How does the brain work?’

In this interview Dr. Vidya Malwade Also disclosed Imtiaz Ali Once she was almost rejected as “too glamorous”. Referring to Vaishali’s role in Dr. Arora, Vidya said, “When Imtiaz’s casting team – when they were casting, he was saying, ‘No she can’t do it. She is too glamorous for the part.’ They wanted someone from the heart of the country to look like a housewife. He was like, ‘How is she going to pick it up?’ I don’t think she will.”

Explaining how she convinced the filmmaker not to “take away the part” from her because of her looks, Vidya Malavade added: “I remember Mukesh Chhabra’s team was casting and they were like do you have the photos they want so that I can show them? can Show it to the team and demonstrate it. And I sent pictures. He was like, ‘Not this, I need something else.’ I was shooting. I packed early, called my house help and told her that I want her saree and blouse. I wore that saree, applied some kajal and styled my hair. I just made her take pictures. I sent a picture and a message to Imtiaz Ali sir and told him, ‘Sir, please don’t take away any part of me with my looks. Because I know what I can change and do to become Vaishali. And he said just give me a few days. A few days later I got a call saying you are on. It was a transformation for me.”

Vidya Malwade will be seen in the film Ruslan.

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