Making Mr. and Mrs. Mahi was all about “blood, sweat and tears” for Janhvi Kapoor

The Making Of Mr And Mrs Mahi Was All About

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Here’s an exciting update for all Janhvi Kapoor fans. The producers of her upcoming film, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, released a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram. Janhvi pours her heart and soul into learning cricket to portray the role of Mahima in the nearly 4-minute long video. In the video, director Sharan Sharma can be heard discussing Janhvi’s initial reaction to the role in the film. He said, “I think when Janhvi came into the film, she thought,’Where Gunjan (Saxena) has also worked hard. (I have worked hard for Gunjan Saxena too) All these exercises were done. What’s the big deal? I’ll play a cricketer, not that hard’… the biggest thing in my head. We want to make Janhvi a cricketer. She knew nothing about the game. Abhishek (cricket coach), wanted Janhvi to experience the life of a cricketer from day one.”

The filmmaker also talked about the physical challenges faced by Janhvi Kapoor during the shoot Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. He continued, “So, we discovered that she has something called MDI, which is multidirectional instability, which is apparently very good for dancers, but not very good for cricketers. So now, in the space of two months, she has torn ligaments in her left and right shoulder. And now, we get down to a place, we’re like, ‘Okay, how do we make this movie?’ But I think we gave her all the proper rehab and all the time she needed to recover from the injury.

Janhvi Kapoor She also shared her experience of working in a sports drama. “It was a challenge, but a fun challenge,” she said. So I was like this is how it could be different? It was different. Nothing could have prepared me. I am the most unethical, unsportsmanlike person on the planet.”

Janhvi Kapoor was injured twice during the shooting of this film. She said, “The first injury was from falling out. The second happened while I was hitting the switch. Hard (voice) (pointing to shoulder) popped up again and I put it back and I was shocked. I was like, this can’t happen again… I wouldn’t say it was smooth sailing. It was a little turbulent, especially because the physicality of it was also very draining and taxing mentally.”

Janhvi Kapoor’s cricket coach, Abhishek Nair, revealed how the star underwent “rigorous” training for the role. He said, “We went to Baroda for a camp. Dinesh was also with us when we were there for a 6 day camp. So, we got a lot of experience working with some of these international cricketers, understanding body language and how they move. From the little things like how they walk, how they tap, how they handle their defenders. In terms of training, I think he was as tough as anyone preparing for the IPL, if not more so.”

At the end of the video, director Sharan Sharma is seen praising Janhvi Kapoor for her immense dedication and hard work. He also called for three cheers for the actress.

“Blood. Sweat. Tears – it’s all our Ms. Mahi,” read the caption attached to the YouTube video.

Apart from Janhvi Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao will also play an important role in Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. The film is slated to hit the big screens on May 31.

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