Mannara Chopra says her sister Priyanka Chopra’s success “had a huge impact on all her cousins”.

Mannara Chopra Says Her Sister Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka and Mannara at the latter’s birthday party

New Delhi:

Mannara Chopra, who became a household name after appearing in the latest season of Bigg Boss, in a recent chat Siddharth Kannan She also spoke about her admiration for her cousin and global star Priyanka Chopra. Talking about how Priyanka’s journey affected her, Mannara said, “She had a good influence on all her cousins. She has always projected herself as a strong and independent woman. I looked up to her growing up because I noticed how she could buy things for herself. She can live in the best place, do whatever she wants and rule the world on her terms. I learned that from her. That’s what got into me.”

She added, “When I showed interest in acting and creative arts early in my life, when I was probably in class 11, Priyanka Didi told my mother that I needed to complete my education. She said that education is the basis of everything. Even in the Bigg Boss house, when they would talk to me in a certain way, I would think, ‘Do you know what I qualify for?’ I never got into a fight.”

Last month, Mannara shared photos from her Holi celebrations with Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas and other family members and wrote on Instagram, “Thank you Mimi Didi, Jiju and MM (Malti Meri) for an amazing Holi. It always feels like it. It’s great to spend time with family.” .

Priyanka also attended Mannara’s 33rd birthday celebrations with husband Nick Jonas earlier this month.

Mannara Chopra’s film credits include Roose, Prema Gema Jantha Nai, Jakkanna, Thikka and Seetha.

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