Ori parties with Kajol’s daughter Nysa and Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav

Viral: Orry Parties With Kajol

The photo was shared on Instagram. (Image courtesy: orry,

New Delhi:

Bollywood’s favorite BFF Ori aka Orhaan Avatramani, who is often spotted with celebrity kids, was recently spotted partying with Kajol, Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nysa and Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav. On Thursday, Ori treated her Instagram to a picture in which he is seen posing with Nysa Devgn, Aarav Bhatia and Tania Shroff. In the shared picture, everyone is seen in their best attires at the party and their bright smiles are shining. “It’s a shame if you’re lame, you can’t hang with us,” Auri wrote in the caption.

Check out what Auri posted:

Earlier this year, Auri made a guest appearance on the finale episode of Coffee with Karan 8, on the show, Karan Johar took one for the team and asked Ori some burning questions. At the top of the list was a question that the internet has been asking for months now – “What does Ori do?” When asked, Ori – without batting an eyelid – said, “I do my best.” Karan Johar was so impressed with this answer that he happily declared that he would repeat this answer if the same question came up. For reference, last year, Auri stunned the Indian internet community by responding to the standard “what do you do” question. He famously declared, “You go to work, you’re a jobber. You paint, you’re a painter. I live, I’m a liver. Yes, I’m a liver,” and we were treated to a meme-fest and a Pop culture moment.

On the show, Karan Johar also asked Ori about his first work. Surprisingly, Auri’s first work had a Bollywood connection and it wasn’t a small one. He shared, “When I was in college in New York, my first job was for an usher position, a highly sought-after position at a children’s hand washing conference… Not many people know — I was an usher. Number 3 is Kajol, and she might not even know it. It was in New York in 2013. I think at Pierre. She was giving this speech and I asked for a modest photo for her safety and was refused.

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