Orry x Uorfi Javed. Even the internet can’t…

So, This Happened: Orry x Uorfi Javed. The Internet Can

Ori and Urfi pictured together.

New Delhi:

Is it too early to call 2024 the year of crazy collabs? So, after Diljit Dosanjh and Ed Sheeran – guess who came together for a viral-worthy moment. None other than internet sensations Uorfi Javed and wait for it…Ori. The two were pictured together in Mumbai on Friday evening and a day later the two have shared a collaborative video and it’s a big LOL. The video shows Uorfi walking in her typically OTT outfit, when she bumps into Ori and voila, she changes into a t-shirt that has “YOLO (Like You Only Love Ori)” printed on it. The caption on the post reads “Tickets and tees for the Ori party”.

In the comments section, archis Star Vedang Raina threw LOL emojis. “Unexpected but cool,” wrote one Instagram user. Another added, “Ori + Urfi = Orfi.” Another comment read, “A strong collaboration is expected in 2024.” Another user’s input, “Only Orry can do this.” Another wrote, “Craziest crossover ever.” Another comment read, “Concerned.”

Watch the video here:

Auri and Uorfi shot together in Mumbai on Friday. See photos:

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Ori, Which is spotted at almost all celebrity parties in Mumbai Coffee with Karan 8 Debut this year. On Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan 8, Ori spoke about his brand strategy of “Downfall, Comeback”, his 3 doppelgangers and more.

Urfi Javed Known for participating in TV reality shows like Bigg Boss OTT And MTVSplitsvillaX4, she started trending heavily for her unconventional outfit choices and her viral-worthy DIY looks. Last year, she became quite the trend after she modeled for designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. This year, Uorfi announced her new show title follow me friend which will stream on Prime Video.

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