Pakistani actor Imran Abbas rejects Aashiqui 2, PK, Ram Leela: “Peche Mati Ke.”

Pakistani Actor Imran Abbas On Turning Down Aashiqui 2, PK, Ram Leela:

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Pakistani actor Imran Abbas is famous for acting in Bollywood films A Dil Hai Mushkil And Animal 3DRecently several superhit Bollywood films have been exposed for rejection Ashiki, PK, And Ram Leeladuring his appearance on the show Shan-e-SuhoorThe actor said, “Career-wise, when I look on the big screen, I’ve chosen a film like Aashiqui (2007), everyone says, ‘I’ve chosen Aashiqui, it’s a very good film, it’s the Ram Leela you gave me.’ Sarfraz was currently in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PK, Heeramandi, it wasn’t for me, it went on the shelf. Gujarish was a movie. (In terms of my career, I look back and see that I left one film behind Ashikieveryone says, ‘You’re gone Ashiki, Such a big movie and also Ram Leelain PKI was offered the role of Sarfraz. Hiramandi, Which is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film, I didn’t reject it; It was shelved. Request There was a movie.)

Talking about saying no to such a big project Aashiqui 2Imran Abbas expressed.Ashiki It was the biggest project. Now if someone says Aashiqui was offered to me too, you can ask Mahesh Bhatt that only I was given an official offer by that director, Mohit Suri and the producer. ,Ashiki It was the biggest project. Now everyone claims that they were offered Ashiki, But you should go and ask Mahesh Bhatt. (The only official offer made by director Mohit Suri and the producer was only to me.)

He added,But people try to make me realize what he did, which was such a big film and what film he did, which was not such a hit. Bro please don’t try to depress me, I won’t be able to control you. (However, people try to make me feel that I made a mistake, that it was such a big film and that the film I did instead wasn’t such a hit. Bro, please don’t try to discourage me; I won’t let that happen.)

It was Imran Abbas’s last Indian project Punjabi movies Yes, they are beautiful. Simi Chahal played the lead role in this movie.

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