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Heeramandi Casting Director Shruti Mahajan On Sharmin Segal Being Trolled:

Sharmeen Segal shared this photo. (Etiquette: Shermin Segal,

New Delhi:

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece Sharmeen Segal, who also recently featured in his debut web series. Hiramandi, she is constantly trolled for her performance in the Netflix original. Now the web show’s casting director Shruti Mahajan has come forward in her support. In a special interview with Hindustan Times, Shruti Mahajan defended Sharmeen’s casting for the role of Alamzeb and also said it was inappropriate to troll her. In the show, Sharmin portrays Mallikajan’s daughter Alamzeb played by Manisha Koirala. Shruti told Hindustan Times, “People have also liked her work. It is unfair to her that we always want to talk about negative things. Our mind likes to attract negative thoughts.”

“A lot of positive things are being said about her as well. Mainly as an actress she has given 100 percent to this character. She is a very hard working actress. We should appreciate it and focus on the good,” she added.

Casting director Shruti Mahajan also detailed the audition process that Sharmeen had to go through before being finalized for the role of Alamzeb. “She went through the whole process like any other artist. The process was the same for all. They had to go through rounds of auditions and give tests,” said Shruti, who worked with the director. Bajirao Mastani And Gangubai Kathiawadi.

Earlier, Taha Shah Badusha, who plays Sharmeen’s love interest Tajdar Baloch in the series, spoke out against the trolling his co-star was facing. Taha told ZoomTV that it is unfair to compare her with veteran actresses like Manisha Koirala. Clarifying that Sharmeen Segal did not know she was being trolled, Taha Shah said: “I did not know that. She has done two films. I think she tends to be subtle at times. I have worked with her and I know she has given her best as an actress. I literally felt like people wouldn’t give me any love, but not like I’m getting it. So, the audience can react in very unpredictable ways, to be honest. As for Sharmeen and her performance – I literally lived with her on set. She was always punctual. She was always there on time. She always tried to do her best. How it comes across to the audience is a whole different ball game and I can’t comment on that. But I know she has a great heart. She was always there on set and that’s all you need as an actor.”

Sharmeen Segal made her acting debut with the 2019 film Malal,

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