Photos of emotional Shahrukh Khan from KKR match give the internet a chuck de feel

Viral: Pics Of Emotional Shah Rukh Khan At KKR Match Gives The Internet Chak De Feels

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Kolkata Knight Riders’ match against Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday was a real rollercoaster for the actor’s fans. Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan He did not contain his emotions while watching his team on the field. Standing in support of his knights, Shah Rukh Khan was the perfect cheerleader. When the cricketers batted, all eyes were on him in the stands. He cheered, crooned and even crooned to the iconic tune Don The movie soundtrack, steals all the attention. The match started in joy but ended in tears of disappointment kkr lost the match. Many photos and videos of the actor looking upset are doing the rounds on social media. Fans were moved to see the actor overcome with emotion in the stands. Some fans also drew parallels between Shahrukh and Coach Kabir’s iconic portrayal. Chak de India,

One fan wrote, “Same energy. #SRK #ChakDeIndia”. Another posted an internet user wrote, “Chuck de India fans can relate”. Another commented, “Shah Rukh Khan is very sad because his team lost today but he is encouraging every player.” See the tweet here. One netizen wrote, “Finally Sadness had sapped Shahrukh’s energy.”

After the resounding defeat, Shah Rukh Khan went to the KKR dressing room to talk to his players. The official can be heard saying, “There are days in our lives, especially in sports, when we don’t deserve to lose. And there are days when we don’t deserve to win. But days are like that. We don’t deserve to lose today.”

He added, “We all played very well. We should be very proud of ourselves. Please don’t be sad or disappointed. Every time we come into the change room, we are as happy as we are. We are on a high. , the main thing is that our All have energy.

“Honestly, it’s a very proud day. The way we played; all of us I won’t take personal names; It’s taken. GG Don’t feel discouraged. We will all bounce back. As Rinku says this is God’s plan for today. I think this is what they should do. We will come back with more and a better plan from God. Thank you all and may God bless you all,” Shah Rukh concluded.

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