Priyanka Chopra has started shooting for her next Hollywood film

The Bluff: Priyanka Chopra Begins Shooting For Her Next Hollywood Film

Priyanka Chopra has shared this photo. (Etiquette: Priyanka Chopra,


Priyanka Chopra has started shooting for her next film The Bluff With Karl Urban in Australia, going through her posts on social media. Priyanka took to her Instagram Stories, where she shared a picture of the film’s clapboard. She captioned the image: “Let’s gooooo! Day 1” along with an ‘om’ symbol. Priyanka recently shared some heart-wrenching photos of her daughter Malti Mary from her make-up session. In the images, her daughter was seen doodling on the face of an effigy placed on a table, which the actress captioned: “When MM is in the HMU trailer.”

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In the second picture, Malati is seen brushing the statue’s hair. The last picture showed her toddler holding the statue’s head, which Priyanka captioned: “I think ‘Diane’ is coming home with us.”

Before the shooting of ‘The Bluff’, Priyanka shared a reel with the cast and crew of the film on a yacht. She mentioned that for her, it is important to know that the people coming together for a project are of high quality.

She wrote: “When I start a new project, it’s really important for me to know that the people who come together are of high quality. We spend a lot of time together, away from our family and home, thinking, eating. , and Breathing the art we’re contributing to.”

Directed by Frank E. Flowers The BluffIt tells the story of a former female pirate played by Priyanka, who embarks on a journey to protect her family.

She has too Head of State Starring John Cena and Idris Elba, to be released.

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