Ride or Die provides humor

Bad Boys: Ride or Die (English) Review {3.0/5} and review rating

Star Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence

Director: Adil and Bilal

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Synopsis:
Bad Boys: Ride or Die It is the story of two cops on the run. Mike LowreyWill Smith) and Marcus Miles Burnett (Martin Lawrence) continue to fight crime in Miami. Mike finally decides to settle. He marries Christine (Melanie Libberd). At his wedding, Marcus dances like there’s no tomorrow and suffers a heart attack. In his dreams, he sees the late Captain Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano) who tells him that his time is not yet over and that their lives are about to turn around. Soon, James McGrath (Eric Dane) enters the story. He determines the captain to be affiliated with the drug mafia. The new captain, Gris (Jason Davis) concludes that Conrad is corrupt and begins an investigation. Mike and Marcus refuse to believe this and vow to clear their beloved captain’s name. In doing so, they are accused of criminal activities and abscond. What happens next sets up the rest of the film.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Story Review:
Chris Bremner and Will Beal’s story is generic and cliche. The screenplay by Chris Bremner and Will Beale, however, is very effective and sustains interest. Dialogues are one of the USPs of the film and add to the fun.

Adil and Bilal’s direction is neat and stylish too. This is the shortest BAD BOYS movie to date and yet, the makers manage to pack a lot. The character arcs are fascinating. Having become a ‘non-violent’ in the last film, Marcus is now the complete opposite and is also open-minded and sure to raise laughs. Action scenes keep the audience engrossed. There are action scenes on the plane, in the elevator and in Marcus’s house. What also works is the bond shared with the bad boys by Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio).

On the other hand, the villain track is not well fleshed out. This happened in the first BAD BOYS movie as well. But the third episode set a record in this regard where the antagonist was given her due and also an unexpected back story. The antagonist, therefore, fails to leave a strong impression in this film. The action on the strip club seemed forced. In fact the film falls in between. Finally, the promotion seems very limited at this time.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Performance:
This time Martin Lawrence takes the cake. He smiles to the max and is very convincing. Will Smith keeps it subtle as he mainly reacts to Martin’s odd one-liners. Still, it doesn’t seem to deserve it, and it’s impressive. Eric Dane is fine as a villain and is let down by the writing. Joe Pantoliano is charming. Jason Davis is barely there. Melanie Libberd, Paola Nunez (Rita), Rhea Seehorn (Judy) and Quinn Hemphill (Callie) provide competent support and turn in excellent performances. Ioin Gruffudd (Lockwood) scores in the second half. Jacob Scipio makes his presence felt and looks cool in the action scenes. Tiffany Haddish is interesting. Dennis Green (Reggie McDonald) is the surprise of the film. John Sally (Fletcher) and DJ Khaled (Manny) are fine in cameos. Jay Shetty’s special appearance is a surprise.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Music and Other Technical Aspects:
Lorne Balfe’s music is uplifting. Robrecht Heyvaert’s cinematography is breathtaking. John Billington’s production design is top notch. Jenny Bryant’s costumes are stunning. The action is a bit gory and adds to the craziness, especially in the climax. Editing by Asaf Eisenberg and Dan Lebenthal is crisp.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Conclusion:
Overall, BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE delivers ample doses of humor and action. However, it needs a thumbs up from the target audience to do well at the box office.

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