Sanjay Dutt dismisses rumors of entering politics: “Not contesting elections”

Sanjay Dutt Rejects Rumours He

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Drop whatever you were doing and go straight Sanjay Dutt‘s actor has shared a note putting an end to all rumors of his entry into politics. He wrote, “I would like to dispel all rumors of joining politics. I am not joining any party or contesting elections. If I decide to enter the political arena, I will be the first to announce it. Please refrain from believing what is being circulated in the news about me. ” The post comes amid rumors that the veteran star may contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as a Congress candidate from Karnal.

Sanjay Dutt’s father, Sunil Dutt He was a big name in the film industry as well as in Indian politics. He entered the Congress in 1984 and served as an MP for five terms until his death in 2005.

Over the years, Sanjay Dutt has devoted his time to big-budget films in all languages. His recent dream run is extra special because, in August 2020, Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer. Last year, the actor recalled that moment When he got the sad news. In an interview with etimes, he said, “I had back pain and was treated with hot water bottles and painkillers until one day I couldn’t breathe. I was taken to the hospital but the thing was I didn’t get the cancer news very well. My wife, my family or my sisters, no one was around me at that time. I was alone and suddenly this guy comes and tells me, ‘You have cancer’.

Sanjay Dutt added, “My wife was in Dubai, so Priya (sister Priya Dutt) came to me. My first reaction was, once you hear something like that, your whole life is reflected back at you. I have a history of cancer. My family. My Mom died of pancreatic cancer; my wife died of brain cancer. So, the first thing I said was I don’t want chemotherapy. Let it be. If I want to die, I’ll just die but I don’t want treatment.”

In October 2020, Sanjay Dutt shared a note on X that he was cancer free. An excerpt from his note reads: “And today, on my children’s birthday, I am able to emerge victorious from this battle and give them the best gift – for the health and well-being of our family.”

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On the work front, Sanjay Dutt was last seen in a Tamil film Lion,

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