Shah Rukh Khan’s Vicky Kaushal Underwater Scene On Fire: VFX Decoding of Dunky

Shah Rukh Khan

Screengrabs from Donkey VFX Video Breakdown. (Etiquette: YouTube,

New Delhi:

Red Chillies VFX recently unveiled a comprehensive visual effects breakdown reel for the film. Donkeyfeatured Shah Rukh Khan and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. This four-minute video gives a glimpse of the intricate visual effects that contributed Dunki’s Immersive cinematic experience. Despite receiving mixed reactions, Donkey It was a significant success at the box office. The breakdown reel showed various iconic scenes from the film and focused on the elaborate visual effects involved. The final sequence, where Taapsee Pannu’s character reminisces about her youth while walking around her village, required subtle VFX to achieve the illusion of seamless camera movement.

In addition, the scene depicting Vicky KaushalThe character relied on computer-generated fire as he engulfed in flames after a failed visa interview. As the actors embark on their journey to London, several digitally-rendered environments enrich their cinematic odyssey. Some scenes involving vehicles were shot against a blue screen backdrop, with Red Chillies VFX framing the surrounding landscape.

Moreover, the breakdown video also unveils surprising details, such as Shahrukh Khan not submerging under water during a crucial scene, prompting CGI manipulation to simulate wet hair. Similarly, the effect of wrinkled legs in the close-up shot was achieved through visual effects rather than practical immersion in water.

The film’s VFX won praise from fans, with one commenting on YouTube, “The water scene was flawless, exceptional work.” Another fan said, “This is the most realistic CG fire I’ve ever seen.”

Despite mixed critical reception, Donkey It emerged as the third-highest-grossing film of Shahrukh Khan’s career, taking his Rs. 120 crore budget against the worldwide Rs. Earned 470 crores. 2023 marked a peak in Shah Rukh Khan’s career, with his other releases, Pathan And youthEach in global earnings Rs. 1000 crore has been crossed.

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