“Some things just aren’t meant to be”

Ranveer Singh And Prasanth Varma

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New Delhi:

Ranveer SinghThe upcoming film of ghosts, Directed by Prashant Verma, has been cancelled. Box Office’s official X Page (formerly known as Twitter) confirmed the news. The statement reads, “Recently there have been rumors about the film ghosts Directed by Prashant Varma and headlined by powerhouse Ranveer Singh – both of them, decided to part ways with the project due to creative differences.” The note added, “Amid speculations from various industry sources, the producers and actors have now clarified their roles and focus on ongoing developments. Prashant Verma, Mithri Movie Makers and Ranveer Singh have now clarified with their official statements.

In an official statement, Ranveer Singh said, “Prashanth (Verma) is a very special talent. We met together and came up with an idea for a film. Hopefully, we will do something exciting in the future.”

Statement quoted Prashant Verma “Ranveer (Singh)’s energy and talent is rare. Soon in the future we will show our strength together.”

Ranveer Singh, Prashant Verma and Mythri movie makers believe that “everyone had the right intentions to make it happen, but sometimes things just don’t work out at the time.”

“Ranveer Singh and Prashant Varma Films – In mutual harmony, the team decided to part ways with possible collaborations in the future,” it read.

The statement comes after a few days a Pinkvilla Reports claim that Prashant Verma and Ranveer Singh have separated ghosts Due to creative differences. A source told the publication, “Ranveer went to Hyderabad for a photo shoot in April. While all plans are in place, the official announcement has now hit a snag. Ranveer Singh will no longer be a part of Prashant Varma’s film ghoststhey have parted amicably due to creative differences.”

“They (Prashant Verma and Ranveer Singh) were exploring many solutions and taking decisions, but they have decided to go ahead now, promising to cooperate in the near future,” added the source.

Prashant Verma directed the latter Hanu-man In which Teja Sajja played the lead role. On the other hand, Ranveer Singh will be seen in it Singham again.

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