Somi Ali is Zeenat Aman’s surprise ally on live-in relationships: “Reduces divorce rate”

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Zeenat Aman’s statement in support of live-in relationships has failed to impress her colleagues in the industry. From Mumtaz and Saira Bano Mukesh Khanna, celebrities have expressed strong disapproval. Now former actress Somi Ali has come out in support of Zeenat Aman. Live-in relationships help reduce divorce rates, she said. In conversation with Hindustan Times, Somi Ali shared, “When I was living in Vidyachal at Mount Mary, Zeenat ji and Mazhar Bhai (Zenat’s late husband) were my neighbours. Jackie Shroff and Ayesha (Shroff) also lived next door. Whenever we went shooting, we used to catch up. Recently many people have condemned her. Our population has reached 8 billion. I am not against live in relationship at all. Whatever Zeenat ji has said, I have 100% support.”

Somi Ali Added, “When you’re in a live-in relationship with someone, you can set boundaries. No means no. You learn about each other. We all have our quirks. A person may have habits that you like or dislike. Therefore, you can learn a lot about personal likes and dislikes in a live-in relationship. It helps reduce the divorce rate.”

Pointing to the sharp rise in divorce cases, Somi Ali noted, “Currently, the divorce rate has increased in India, Pakistan and across the world. Zeenat Ji is highly intellectual and has studied journalism in San Francisco through a scholarship. She is intelligent, well-read and articulate. I want to tell the underdogs that we don’t live in the 1950s anymore. In 2024, the world has changed a lot and a man and a woman can be in a live-in relationship.

back Zeenat AmanSomi Ali said, “We have seen many cases where people get married without knowing each other and then get divorced. It is quite common in marriages in both Pakistan and India. Dowry is illegal in both India and Pakistan, yet people are not shy about asking for it. Everything goes behind the scenes, be it India, Pakistan or America. One last thing I want to say about Zeenat Ji. What she suggested could help reduce the divorce rate. If you are in a live-in, you can find out if you are compatible with your partner. Zeenat ji has done us a huge favor by voicing her views on live-in relationships.”

In case you missed it, about a month ago, Zeenat Aman shared an Instagram note, “I strongly recommend that you live together before you get married! That’s the advice I’ve always been giving to my kids, both of whom are or are in live-in relationships.” .I think it’s logical that before two people enter their family and government into their equation, they first put their relationship to the ultimate test.

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Somi Ali has appeared in 90s movies like Krishna Avatar, Yaar Gaddar, And Oh dear Karenmeanwhile, Zeenat Aman will soon be seen in it Bun tikki With Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol.

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